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Vicki Virago - Proud Mother

...until I saw the names of the dead. I can read no further.

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I remember my mother rang me up.
She heard about it on the news and she was worried for us.

We still remember.

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Sad. There have been too many cases of shootings in schools the last few decades. I imagine the shooter in this case had quite a bit of trouble explaining himself to God when he came before him. After all, what could a group of 5 and 6 yr olds have done to deserve something like this? Nothing that I can see.

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first of all i wish to say a big sorry to the the people of dunblane for there massive loss from then till now and always, for what they lost that tragic day GOD BLESS YOU ALL.XXX
Iremember that terrible day as it where yesterday.dropped my youngest daughter of at school that morning and went to work, opening our local offlicene Ifinished my paperwork and opepened the shop up to the public.it was approaching 11am and there was news bulliten comming up to news for that hour.. The news that a gunman had enterted a school in Dunblane Sterling in Scotland, and that he was opening fire on teachers and children.That morning i listentend through out had many customers, taxi drivers,deliverey drivers, ect..and they where all crying,they all had young children and each and everyone had been affected so deeply.Itook a very log time for myself to come to terms with this terrible tradegay .That day and the
pictures of your beautiful children will will never be fogotten xx

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