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The Worst Witch and Harry Potter

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Researcher 225131

On comment to the fact that 'The Worst Witch' is a copy off of 'Harry Potter':
When Harry Potter first came out and i saw drawing of the characters and heard about the story i refused to read it. Why you might ask, because being a child of the 80s and adoring all the 80s paraphanalia i had grown up on, I was revolted to see yet another rip off of a great 80s thing, the movei 'The Worst Witch'. From the classes like potions, and broom flying down to the dinner hall in which they all ate. I was very angry that no one had noticed the simularities and gotten J.K. Rowling on plagerism. However , though the scene and setting may be the same, so there seems little oringinality in that department. The characters, situation and storyline are completly different and all J.K. Rowlings own.(we can hope) And I since have read the books and like the rest of the world am very in love with the story and characters.

The Worst Witch and Harry Potter

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ManicMolly (tonemonkeys wife (and I felt I needed brackets))

I definitly agree on this point. I had no intention of reading Harry Potter Or watching the film as It seemed like she'd ripped off the Worst Witch but after my husband persuaded me to watch the film I went back and read all the books which are Fab! Only good for adults if you can read past Chamber of secrets though as otherwise it comes across a bit formulaic. Back to the Worst Witch though. I have just read the first and second books to my 5 year old who is obviously a huge Harry Potter fan I thought they might end up being a bit tame for her. But she really enjoyed them and it's great to have an excuse to read childrens books again! They have a real charm about them.smiley - magic

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