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How to Make Coffee Cream Liqueur

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In 1974 Baileys Irish Cream was introduced to the world, apparently comprising a closely-guarded secret concoction of fresh cream, sugar, cocoa and triple-distilled Irish whisky, but containing no additives or preservatives. Oft-imitated, even the styling of its distinctive brown bottle has been 'copied' by those wishing to capitalise on the success of what is probably regarded as the benchmark coffee cream liqueur.

The homebrew1 recipe here, rough and ready and suitable for getting jolly as it is, pretends only in its wildest dreams to be on the same hurling-field.


  • Large cup (mug) of whisky (with 'e' or without, it doesn't really matter, get own brand if it's cheapest)
  • Large tin of condensed milk
  • Small tin of evaporated milk
  • Tsp vanilla essence
  • Tsp gelatine2 powder
  • Cup of hot water
  • Dessert spoon of coffee powder

You'll also need a vessel of sufficient volume to contain all the above ingredients.


It's bucket chemistry really:

  1. Dissolve gelatine in hot water.
  2. Pour all ingredients into vessel.
  3. Leave to stand (mellow) for around a day... the longer the mellower.
  4. Drink, and be merry.

It's as simple as that, really. It's nowhere near as smooth as the original (or many of the proprietary copies), but then again it's quick, cheap(ish) and easy.

1Beware, almost wherever you live, there will be legal regulations governing the use of alcohol.2Caution Veggies!

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