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Thank you Petkan, if only my husband and kids had read this before buying my christmas present. They bought a fabulous blue plastic and acrylic aqaurium with a lid that contains the filter and a light. It was sold as a self contained unit, just add fish, ha ha.

We then went and bought plants, gravel, heater, themometer, airstone, rock, food, water purifier, water conditioner, instruction book, net and even then half of our first lot of fish died, one at a time, over a period of some days.

Eight months later, however, it works a treat, the fish are thriving and everyone fights to sit in the chair next to it as it is sooooo relaxing.

Thanks Againsmiley - smiley

Thank you!

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I've never actually owned a fish tank, but I'm sure that armed with the new knowledge that your entry has given me, I'd be able to look after them sucessfully if I decided to get one.

smiley - ok

Thank you!

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As an ex-aquarist, I think that this entry is a brilliant introduction to the subject.

I feel quite nostalgic for my fish keeping days!

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