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A Very Good Idea

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Mojo's big stick

Thank you for writing this article in such a clear and positive fashion.

It pefectly decribes how I've learnt to shop, and I can recommend this method from experience. Ignore fashion and fad, go with that instant gut feeling. My wardrobe contains nothing I've bought and regretted.

Thanks again,

Mojo (Who hasn't got the money to waste on designer's idle whims.)

A Very Good Idea

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Sea Change

How do you know which shops are best for spending 5 minutes in?

A Very Good Idea

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Mojo's big stick

Again, rely on gut instinct.

Look at the window display. Does it suggest "Cheap Tacky Teen Fashion Shop" or "Grannies Favourite Florals"?
Look at the existing clientele. Are they wearing your style?
Look at a couple of price tags on garments near the door. Then leave in shock!

Given you're only spending 5 minutes looking and 15 minutes trying on, you can eliminate most shops in a very short time. Once you know the shops in your town, stick with your favourites most of the time.

One final piece of advice. If you find something you love, buy two of them, right now. It won't be there next week.

Mojo (Who considers fashion a pile of shite)

A Very Good Idea

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and if, after popping into every shop in town, you've seen nothing you like...?

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