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Researcher 204927

Shouldn't it read:

Cats have three states, dead, sleeping and hungry

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Pond_Rat [life is weird - laugh at it.]

Now that comment has obviously come from one who has spent time in the service of cats...

smiley - blackcat
"dogs have masters, Cats have staff."

The Jokes

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The joke comes from a Terry Prattchet book. The witches put one of their cats in a box, I forget why. It has three states, the two from the experiment and of course is bloody furious at being put in a box for an hour.

But anyone who says cats are smart is wrong, I have just spent thirty minutes getting my sister's cat out of the chimney. The fluge plate closed behing it and she got trapped.

Still, what do you expect from a cat named after an alcoholic beverage.

Having said that, her brother did a wonderful impression of Lassie, mewwling at me until I went and rescued her.

He did, however, take a very loing circular path to take me to her.

He's also named after a beverage.

The Jokes

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Yeah the book is Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett page 276 (hardback) and page 199 and the cats name is Greebo!

"in this case there were three determinate states the cat could be in: these being Alive, Dead, and Bloody Furious."

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