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Does anyone remember a game back in the late 60's called Quandary? It consisted of a board with coloured squares and the aim of the game was to get from one side to the other but you couldn't move into a square if your opponent was on that colour. I have been looking for the game for my kids but never found it and now think I am going mad.


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smiley - winkeye boardgame geek to the rescue smiley - run: It is a game that was published by Spears, you are not mad at all (at least as far as remembering this game anywaysmiley - laugh) http://boardgamegeek.com/game/12319

I tried to get this site as a link in the entry, but only managed to get it mentioned in the conversation thread: Really want to know more about board games?

Pimms smiley - biggrin

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