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Timings of Weddings

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Just a thought, I am getting married in December and fiancé’s brother has decided to get married in September (only 7 weeks before us). Surely this is bad etiquette????

Timings of Weddings

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Seven weeks? Are you forgetting that there are only fifty two in the year?

Think about it. That's like seven or eight couples you know marrying, evenly spaced over the year. Hardly hard when you're in your mid to late twenties and all your friends are marrying. This year I know of at least that many of my friends/acquaintances weddings.

Timings of Weddings

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My wife's brother was originally planning to get married in the same month as us, but we booked the date first - so he moved it to the first week of June (we were in March), and that worked out well for everyone.

7 weeks is plenty of time. 1 or 2 weeks might be bad etiquette, as people couldn't travel that often, but 7 weeks gives plenty of recovery time.

However, if you've got lots of people coming from abroad (e.g. a whole bunch of relatives in the US), then it would be better to hold the weddings further apart so people don't have to make transatlantic flights in such quick succession - or, optionally, closer together, so that people could do both weddings in the same trip. (Two couples that we know in the US, with shared groups of friends who have to travel a long way, are holding their weddings within one week in July for this precise reason.)

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