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Going down?

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As a fan for about ten years I sense there's a slow (but noticable) decline in the "quality" of the show...
Some guest presenters are great (Boris Johnson, Dara O'Briain, Alexander Armstrong is always doing a decent job), but it can't conceal the fact that some gags are getting repetitious and too often show are spoiled by weak presenters.
Bringing back Angus wouldn't work (the relations between Merton, Hislop and Deyton were already very icy and they haven't improved) Maybe it's time for some new panellists?

Going down?

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Get rid of Paul and Ian? Are you mad? No, never!
I think the show has remained top of its game since the guest presenters took over, though I would prefer a strong perminent presenter; Angus back would be ideal...but unlikely. Though I do think the series that has just been aired was particularly bad, but I think that was mainly because of six weeks without any major news stories with any comedy value. All that comes to mind is the tory leadership contest. Then as soon as the series is ended we get Charles Kennedy admitting alchoholism, Mark Oaten's adventures, bird flu in Turkey, Ariel Sharon's stroke, fathers for justice ploting to kidnap Leo Blair, allegedly, and celebrity big brother. A rotten bit of luck. Hopefully the next series will be timed better.

Going down?

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I liked Alexander Armstrong as a guest presenter (just the right hint of sarcasm) and I liked the style of Dara O'Briain. Boris Johnson someone who could do a christmas-episode (or an election special). This series they seemed to be picking strange guest-presenters (Joan Collins) or guest-presenters acting strangely (Anna Ford swearing). We've seen all that now... This was the first series (in 12 years!). I almost didn't bother looking and I had a much better time watching Stephen Fry's brilliant Qi!

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