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Herpes Simplex in the Mouth

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My 5 year old grandson has been complaining of a sore throat, sore mouth and sore gums for about a week. He is unable to eat any food due to the soreness and he is reluctant to take any fluids. He even wouldn't eat an ice-lolly! His breath smells foul - very sweet, and his tongue is furry.

Took him to the smiley - doctor today who after examining his hands and feet to rule out 'hand, foot and mouth disease' diagnosed H.Simplex.

He hasn't suggested any specific treatment except to wash his mouth out either with salty water and/or chlorhexidine mouthwash.

He has said that we MUST persuade him to take fluids otherwise he will have to go into to be given fluids by drip.smiley - sadface

Grandson has an inherent aversion to hospitals (not helped by the fact that his Great Grandad recently died in hospital smiley - sadface) so I'm hoping that this threat will 'encourage' him to take the fluids smiley - winkeye.

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