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King Cthulhu of Balwyniti

smiley - drool I had reindeer when I was in Finland a couple of months ago - I'm not sure exactly how it was done, but it was shredded rather than diced - and it was fantastic! With mashed potatoes, of course! smiley - biggrin Just a small typo - "Again if you can't find lingonberries of cranberries" should be 'or', naturally. If only I could get reindeer here! WOuldn't be the same of course, the setting plays a fair role, and snow's even rarer than reindeer in Australia! smiley - winkeye Great recipe though smiley - ok


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NAITA (Join ViTAL - A1014625)

Pasture in the forest! Sissyfied Finnish reindeer. Tough, manly reindeer pasture on the mountain plateaus of Souther Norway or the tundra in the far north. Forest!


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Ukkeli, Keeper of Article Free English

Manly Norwegian reindeers pasture on mountain plateaus, because they are so dumm that they can't see benefits of pasturing in forests or because they can't afford to pay sky high Norvegian rents for forest pasture smiley - nahnah. Smarter Finnish reindeers enter such places only to cool down during summer.

And to question of diced or shredded, reindeer meat kind of "self shreddes" when small dices are fryied.

smiley - snowman

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