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FoxTrot Rocks!

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Mooing Platypus (formerly known as Gaia)

Yeah! Cool! An entry on FoxTrot!smiley - coolsmiley - biggrin
You forgot to add something about the numerous strips where Peter is desperately trying to gain weight, much to annoyance (is that a word?) of his mother smiley - tongueout

FoxTrot Rocks!

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

Glad you liked it!

smiley - cheers

FoxTrot Rocks!

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Johanna the Psychotic Bananna - - I'm back!!! I missed you, H2G2

this is excellent, a few years ago (5-8?)i bought two foxtrot anualls (foxtrot, pass the loot), and i've been obsessed with them since, but you dont realy et them much in britain, which is a shame. but i have a cousin from canada who sends tham occasionalkly, and i check them on yahoo.

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FoxTrot Rocks!

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