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Copyright and lack of citation concerns

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I am Michael Rock, the author of the "concise overview" of Haitian Vodou residing at Witchvox.com that is linked at the bottom of this article. To the author of this article posted here - I thank you for using me as a resource in writing this article, however there is one concern I have. There are paragraphs in this article that are clearly paraphrases of my own work, or that clearly used my writing as a source, and these paraphrases are not footnoted to cite me, Michael Rock, as the source of these statements. Again I am gratified that you found my writing helpful to your research, please follow through with the ethically appropriate action and give me appropriate credit where it is due in your article. I suspect that other authors and websites were also used in researching this article, and I encourage that you footnote and cite them as well. They deserve credit as much as I do. Writing as you are aware is work. I ask nothing in return for the article posted on Witchvox except that I be given appropriate credit.

That said, this is a well written article, and I enjoyed reading it immensely.

Thank you for correcting this little oversight..


Michael Rock
[email protected]

Copyright and lack of citation concerns

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Just a note: this misunderstanding was cleared up some months ago, to the satisfaction of both parties.

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Copyright and lack of citation concerns

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