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well hear we go again

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bllszbobakahahhahshomeakaharrysheardakahenryshomeakapistolakacatmanakawurzwelgummageakabobble one day i hope the link will bring you to the centre of my universe i have had so far afrustrateing at time highlighted by some time being incapable of any coherent thought , haveing tried to log on to http://as above and working on a lap top perched on my lap and at times the slightest movemenent cause's the "thigymagig" those 0f you who dont know what a "thigymagig" (can utalise the guide and look it up as i improve on useing this computer will include links.For those of you who can provide links perhaps you can edit this and put the links in, anyway i digress LAPTOP-THIGYMAGIG-LAP)DARN THING TO DISCONNECT .And haveing had the thing disconnect several times before you can feel for me along with the cats movement i was sending the above link and the spell checker came on for my name yhe offered substtute was "balls" took a full ten minutes bafore i could return to the task in hand,will update on progress as when

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