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krayzee girl (researcher 185759)

Sometimes, as I am lying in bed, trying to fall asleep (on the border of dreaming), I can hear people talking. Usually it is incorporated as part of the misty beginnings of a dream, but the voices are solid enough to yank me back to full awareness. This sometimes gets quite annoying, especially when it happens several nights in a row, but fortunuately it rarely happens more than once in an evening.
I can hear them, but I think it is when I try to listen to what they are saying that I get yanked back awake, because when I try to remember what it is they said, I can't.
The same thing happens when I read things in my dreams. They say you can't read in your dreams. Well, I can (like the title of a book, or a slogan on someone's shirt, or grafitti on a wall), but I can't remember what it is when I wake up, even if I try to make an effort to remember.

I should be studying right now.

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