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You Have No Idea What It's Like...

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krayzee girl (researcher 185759)

These are some random thoughts that I am just going to type out of my brain. Usually I'd be writing them on paper, but it's easier to type by the illumination of the monitor. smiley - smiley
Last night I was waiting for a bus with my boyfriend, and all of a sudden it occured to me that if my life ended right then, it wouldn't matter a thing. This is not to imply that I am suicidal, because I'm not. (I have been before, so I'd know.)
Everything has changed since I met him. It still amazes me how I could just stop my life and begin something new after meeting this incredible person who knows exactly what I feel while barely even knowing me. It feels as if there is some unfinished rollercoaster that used to be my life just lying around somewhere, and I got bored of the design, so I just began a new one. This is incredibly remarkable, especially considering how haunted I used to feel by my past. I used to live in its shadow, unable to escape the mistakes and blame it bestowed upon me. But, somehow, now it is gone. As if the movie is over and, as soon as I walk out of the theatre, it isn't real anymore. It makes me wonder what spirit this man has to change my life this way.
If I died, right now, having accomplished nothing with this wonderful person, my life would mean nothing to me. Anything we do together is so enjoyable that I feel like I hadn't even lived before I met him. I am still wondering when I will wake from this incredible dream. His name means: God's grace, and that he truly is, for he has given me a far better life than I could ever know without him.

Do you believe in love at first sight...

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krayzee girl (researcher 185759)

...or do you have to walk past me again?

I guess the point of these ramblings (which I forgot to mention) is, how meaningful can a life be that has just begun?

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