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A LIL FUN.... I Cdnuolt Blveiee Taht I Cluod Aulaclty Uesdnatnrd Waht I Was Rdanieg. The Phaonmneal Pweor Of The Hmuan Mnid, Aoccdrnig To A Rscheearch At Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, It Deosn’t Mttaer In Waht Oredr The Ltteers In A Wrod Are, The Olny Iprmoatnt Tihng Is Taht The Frist And Lsat Ltteer Be In The Rghit Pclae. The Rset Can Be A Taotl Mses And You Can Sitll Raed It Wouthit A Porbelm. Tihs Is Bcuseae The Huamn Mnid Deos Not Raed Ervey Lteter By Istlef, But The Wrod As A Wlohe. Amzanig Huh? Yaeh And I Awlyas Tghuhot Slpeling Was Ipmorantt!

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Hmm... interesting, but I'm not convinced. I was able to decipher your message, but I kept having to pause as I read to work out the anagrams. It'd definitely be easier to read if it was spelt right!

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smiley - space
i had no problem! you are right!! it is amazing!!

i wnoedr if it siltl wkros wohtiut clatiapoitzian?

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