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Hard to Follow

I wish there was an easier way to track what kind of response one gets to one's articles. I have come to rely on the right-hand column of my home page's nether regions, which tells me which forums are active, of the ones I have participated in.

I neglected some feedback to my articles for several days because I had no way of knowing there was any. One can only troll one's own product on every visit, to see whether anybody else wants to talk.

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Latest reply: Oct 15, 1999

Gone to Heaven (Back Soon)

I have a new notebook! With an integrated modem! This baby makes my venerable desktop feel like a yoke of oxen (cue Mussorgsky). Now let's see how things go after Sunday, after the h2g2 eclipse.

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Latest reply: Oct 8, 1999

I Am an H2G2 Addict

When did this happen?

The realization occurred when I attempted to log on to my ISP yesterday and discovered that it had gone RNA. I was obliged to turn to my emergency backup ISP, the venerable CompuServe, to get back here and find out whether my virgin Guide entry has been noticed by the gods yet. And then I found out that I couldn't post anything because I was visiting from the wrong email address. There I was with a clever diatribe all entered in the conversation box, and suddenly the DUN from my dead ISP was trying to handle the cgi. Argh! Fortunately, the h2g2 team have allowed for this, and it only took a few minutes to change my email address, drop back to the CIS portal and pick up the email, then get back here and go back to work.

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The Long Refresh

 Does that gorilla blink or are my eyes going funny from waiting for my home page to come back up after each tweak of the content? The tweaking is interminable, because I can't find a single comprehensive listing of GuideML tags, only a long file of whimpering and blinded users confiding their frustrations in their own journals.

This is what I get for leaving England and going to live in a green swamp in a faraway land. Oh Moseley! Oh Number 11 bus! I would probably get a faster refresh on this screen if I used the 11 bus, actually.

I think this will turn out to be a wonderful place, but right now I have a touch of Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern Syndrome. Things of importance are definitely going on, but always in the next room. My suspicion is that the Guide is full of screamingly intellectual twenty-somethings who won't know how to respond to someone who started out on Commodore Pets and used to handwrite source out on coding sheets and mail them to the computer.

These are dark thoughts, Lil, a function of the small hours of the night.

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