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Still part of the H2G2 family?

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Abrazo **LT** *LBFC* *CLASS*

Hey - funny, I was thinking about you, then I stopped into the LT forum and saw your PM (haven't been there for months). Hope you're still posting. I wanted to tell you I have, somehow, only just properly heard Cohen's "Alexandra Leaving" and felt like I saw God. Awesome. smiley - smiley

Hope we get in touch.

Still part of the H2G2 family?

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Can't believe I didn't see this before.


Did you see the three programmes about him on BBC3(?) a while back?

Still part of the H2G2 family?

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Abrazo **LT** *LBFC* *CLASS*

No I didn't, sadly - was it really BBC3, or was it BBC4? They had a whole season of American folk programmes a while back. I've had a quick look on iPlayer with no luck, sadly. smiley - sadface

I've just started looking into the possibility of doing recreational tango in Dorchester (there is already what looks like a popular tango community there) both dancing, and putting on milongas. To understand it, though, I reckon you've got to dance so I will probably start lessons, hehe!

God, I wish Strictly would start. Hopefully the need to watch It Takes Two would stop me working so late!

Still part of the H2G2 family?

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Ooh, it's all over the news already! They're all fighting amongst themselves before it even kicks off!
I listened to that album again the other day, not heard it for ages. Some wonderful stuff on there.
Dance lessons would scare me, I have no coordination. A friend of mine teaches belly dancing, that sounds like a giggle!

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