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next word game

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Goodmorning Triquack,(5:50am here in Bahrain), I've just read your comment about 2/3 words instead of WORD postings. It is a bit of a pain in the brain and I wholly agree with you. I've commented as such about 5 minutes ago on the thread.
Anyway, hope all's well with you otherwise. I'll continue to contribute and see how the other folk either play the game as it's described or not.
Lapis (on a dust storm morning here in Manama).smiley - ok

next word game

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Thank you for this post lapis, and for your support in the thread; It looks as though between us we might have got it back on track. I certainly hope so.

I always tried to provoke a bit of imagination into the thread, so that instead of black-white-red-green-blue-pink, ad nauseum, I tried to go black-mood-blue-Danube-waltz-Strauss-cricket (apologies for the last one if your'e not a cricket fan)smiley - biggrin

I'll keep reading the thread and if it carries on the way it is, it might be worth joining in again.

Thank you for the good wishes, and apolgies for not responding sooner. Unfortunately, I am severely disabled and every now and again nature decides that you are too happy and gives you another kick in the nuts, maybe that's why I was a bit crotchety with a couple of the guys. Or maybe not....

I think a few parts of the UK were in danger of joining you in your dust storm, but at last we have some significant, prolonged, gentle rain and things are looking good. I had raised vegetable beds built some years ago, high enough that I can work them in my wheelchair (assisted by my long suffering Wife) It's wonderful to see our produce growing so well and knowing that we can eat salad crops throughout the summer, staight off the beds, and pickled shallots and gherkins with winter cold cuts.

It looks as though you are going to get a F1 race after all, which is good for the support people.

Stay well smiley - hug


next word game

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Good morning TQ.

Nice to read your reply. The next word game thread has certainly been BUSY during the last day or so.

Hope all's well with you on this dusty sky Sunday.

Lapissmiley - tea

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