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hey Triquack

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Hey Triquack - I just had to pop by and have a giggle about the limericks of late ..... that last one where you posted the looooooooooong groan had made me do much the same earlier in the day to the extent where I just backed away and left it alone smiley - rofl I know we all have some dubious rhymes sometimes but honestly ....

Nice to lock horns with you my friend - look forward to catching you again soon smiley - ok

hey Triquack

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Hi Muv, problem is, people come into the thread without a clue what it's all about, leave a line and go away all smug thinking 'that was a good un'.smiley - sadface

So what do you do?, I've tried reason, discussion and explanation but most just get the hump, I've resolved to just take the p*ss and hope they go away.smiley - laugh

Keep wellsmiley - hugQuack

hey Triquack

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Researcher 1214535

smiley - smiley you're right - some of them just don't get it do they .... in some respects probably the only thing to do is try to pick something out of the line you can work with and ignore the rest of it .... they normally don't hang around for long anyway - not like us addicts smiley - laugh

I've gotta say tho that last howler took my breath away ... smiley - rofl

catch you soon,
Muv smiley - hug

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