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smiley - smileyHi there!

Just thought i'd pop over and say hi! i've been enjoying your posts on the limericks but had to ask how Elson popped into the Barbie one? I only ask as it's quite unusual and it's a name that's in my family. You don't see it very often!

Maybe it was just a typo but it got my attention!

c x smiley - winkeye

Hi Triquack

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Hiya chorlton,smiley - biggrin

Yup, enjoy the limericks, especially when it flows but it gets a bit awkward sometimes don't itsmiley - laugh

Never heard of Elson, I thought I'd invented it using traditional methods of forming names - like....

Benson - Son of ben
Kenson - Son of Ken
Elson - Son of somebody elsesmiley - erm

Looks like you have a unique name in your family, it doesn't appear in any name statistics since 1900.

It's a bit of fun to search for names and their popularity, you can use it without logging on, all you have to do is click on the URL and restart it (it wont let you do a second search otherwise)

Have fun, see on the Limerick page.smiley - ok


Hi Triquack

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Thanks for replying. I'll look that link up, my maiden name and my name now are all a little unusual. It's interesting to see where they come from.

I like the limericks and the telegram game, but it stops me getting on with real life!!

c x smiley - kiss

Hi Triquack

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smiley - magic you're back!

Where on earth have you been?

c xsmiley - kisssmiley - hug

Hi Triquack

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Hi Chorlton,

Thanks for the welcome back.

Where have I been?....well it's a long story, not fun to write, not fun to read, suffice to say that just when you think life has given you a good kicking and it can't get any worse....along comes a road roller.

I've been up and about for quite a while but it's not easy showing your face after a long absence, anyway I decided to put fingers in lug'oles and dive in, so far so good.smiley - hug

Hi Triquack

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smiley - hug good afternoon TQ, if you don't mind I've added you to my 'friends', just too late for you to get my journal entry, but go have a look if you're interested.

Sorry to hear things haven't been to good but glad you didn't disappear for good, I always wonder where people vanish off to!

c x

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