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Hi Quack,
just a quickie to wish you well. I notice you have not been around much lately and hope it is because you are too busy and not because you are feelingsmiley - ill.
take caresmiley - cheers

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Hi Kif,

No cause for concern but thank you anyway.smiley - ok

Christmas Day was brilliant, just the Boss and me, Organic Turkey and veg which I grew myself (the veg that is). I refuse to go out on that day, during my service I spent 18 years of them on shifts and reckon I will have worked at least 12 of those on Christmas Day.

Boxing Day was a different matter though, the whole Tribe decend on us then. Daughter had announced that she and Grandson would be staying overnight, so that Daddy could get as pi**ed as he liked all Day and Night (he's a 46 year old Manchester United supporter - nuff said!!).

The Pub where they live opens at 10.00am EVERY day and closes when the last punter falls over, he had rolled out of there at 4.30am, had a few hours kip and then brought them through for 9.30am in his own Taxi (he's a self employed cabbie). He got chewed off by the Boss for stinking like a Brewery and driving so that set the scene, he stayed for about half an hour and went back to the Pub.

Got things back on an even keel except that Grandson has every toy you can imagine, ride on, push along, jump on, throw, plus all the other bits and pieces. We bought a small bungalow when I retired which is smashing until you start putting disruption into it. I have my Computer corner in the Dining Room and have access to our Bedroom and the Bathroom and that was my territory for the day, the main room was a no go area in my wheelchair.

The Son and his Wife and the two Grandaughters arrived during the Afternoon, it was the eldest G.D.'s Birthday as well so they were all running on five star Nitro.

After a while I locked myself in the bedroom and left them to it. (Actually I have to rest with legs high during the afternoon so it's not as bad as it sounds.smiley - laugh)

None of us got much sleep what with one thing or another. I would have loved a few smiley - stiffdrinks to help along but I take some pretty potent medication and whilst a glass or two is ok, I need to be very careful.

Cleared the Decks about 10.00 this morning and started to find our way back to the land of the living.

Not really in the mood for fun and banter over the last couple of days smiley - sorry

As it says in 'The Bricklayers Lament' - 'That's why Mr. Murphy won't be to work today.

Stay well both of you, I'm sure I wished you all the best on another thread before Christmas, If I didn't then my humble apologies.

smiley - biggrin..Quack

PS...smiley - tomato

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I'm pleased you are O.K. and back in good insulting form on the thread.
Were you by any chance in The R.N known to the cognisi as The Andrew?
You seem to have a lower deck sense of humoursmiley - biggrin
our Christmas was the reverse of yours noisy on The Day at The Son's quiet on our own here on Boxing day.
Thanks for the tomato we had it on toastsmiley - rofl
smiley - cheers Kif

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Oh dear, Kif, are you insinuating that my humour is 'lavatorial'smiley - laugh

I am familiar with the term 'The Andrew' but I always thought it referred to 'pressed men'.

A pressed man I have never been, funnily enough me and the Boss were discussing a similar thing the other night, my best schoolmate and me were dead keen on the R.A.F., I was mad about engines of all types and he wanted to drive the bloody things. We couldn't join straight from School and lost touch, he lived in the City, I lived in the Country. At the end the training/assessment they said that engines were oversubscribed and I didn't make the top ??%, they offered me a career in Armaments (bit of a turn round now eh!). I thought about it but decided on Civvy street and didn't sign on long term.

I had joined 'Friends re-united' and remarked that Brian (my old clssmate) wasn't on there and I though he would have been, the Boss just said "maybe he's dead". Hmm, I hadn't thought of that.

I've met a few ex RAFFERS about my age who are now out of the job and though what a self opinionated arrogant bunch they are, never seen a bullet. At least I saw some action in the Police Service, (some of far from nice though, including a couple of trips in an Ambulance).

Stay well, both of you.

Quacksmiley - ok

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