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hi Triquack
just thought I would pop in and say 'Hello' I really like your sense of humour on the mix 3 thread. I'm sorry you have not posted an intro as I am a nosy old b****r and would like to know a bit about the person I am trading(friendly) insults with.
smiley - cheers


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Yo! Kif,

I keep meaning to do just that but when I look around at some of the 'pen pictures' of people on this site I have to say that there ain't arf a lot of inflated ego's about. Your page is great, very much what I would say about me except I am a few years younger (not that much though).

I'll have to get on with it won't I?.

As far as the humour goes, modern kids haven't a clue about service banter have they, it kept many a desperate job on the boil.

Great to be in touch, cheers, Quack.smiley - ok


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Hi kif,

Just thought I'd let you know, I might not be too active for a day or so but don't get the hump, I haven't lost interest in the Battle.

I'm disabled (legs) due to a neck injury, I can get about the house slowly on two sticks but just had a calamity in the Bathroom. Put a bit too much weight on a towel rail turning round and the bloody thing collapsed.

Nothing serious, done the back in and wrenched a knee but I'm as sore as Hell and not inclined to sit here for long.

I will be dreaming up a few cunning plots so stay alert (we need more lerts in this Country).

Fewsmiley - ales neededsmiley - winkeye..smiley - ok



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Hi Quack
really sorry to hear you aresmiley - injured I know how dificult it can be hobbling around on sticks. A few years ago I broke my back, a wedge fracture of a disc and when I was able to walk eventually it was on sticks. a real B*****d .
I wish you well and hope you will soon feel able to get back into the conflictsmiley - biggrin
smiley - cheers


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Hi Kif,

Plenty of pain kill and a few grumps but back on course.
certainly fit for battle, maybe not as active as before for a while.

I think you must be a long way South of Yorkshire, maybe West as well, have you got this bl**dy awful Para 'Flu down there, kicks H*ll out of you, I had a Jab which might have helped but everyone seems to have it up here.

I'm supposed to be going to a Radio Station party on Wednesday night, it's one they hold for the 'also rans', like me who just chuck junk in to fill out the progs. I contacted the Hotel where it's to be held as a precaution and they tell me it's wheelchair accessible (except for the toilets) - GREAT!, anyway it seems that people just come and go, it's not a formal do so that's ok, especially the way I feel right now.

I picked up a bit from jour journal, pleased to hear Mrs kif is ok, that set me thinking. My Mother died fairly young and my Wife is the person who has known me for the longest continous time on this planet, scarey isn't it, (lost touch with other family and childhood, Donkeys years ago).

I used to keep a daily journal as part of my work and it was a drag. My Wife bought me one as part of last years Christmas and I kept it religously (for about three months), blood pressure and everything. Then I got fed up with it, the only thing I recorded after that was seed planting, (I try to grow my own veg. as much as possible, purely for quality) I started a h2g2 journal but I expect it will get attention only when I have something to say or more likey a Bl**dy RANT.

Take caresmiley - ok


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I just popped in to say Hi. Hope I'm not intruding or anything.

smiley - peacedove



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If you're daft enough to join in any of our conversations you will be made very welcome YB..smiley - ok

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