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Wow... reading, sarcasm, music and science... I'm not sure that it is possible for me to like you any more.. :P.
What sort of books do you usually read? I'll read anything, so if you have any recommendations.. please, by all means share.. I am in desperate need for more summer books.
Science, eh? What type of science tickles your fancy? Are you a math and physics sort of person, or a bioloby, or what?
As for the music.. it has just occured to me that music could encompass so many different styles.. so, name some types of music.
Hmmm.. perhaps I should get back to work.

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At the moment i am reading High Fidelity by Nick Nornby. Its quite good because its funny in a sort of sad kind of way. It about a man who cant really get his life sorted.

I tend to read anything i can get my hands on, apart from horror, i dont do horror.

Science wise, i love science in general, though i prefer biology and physics to chemistry, (all seems to be about chemical names to me, which can get a bit tedious).

And music, i like loads of different styles of music, like jazz, rock, blues, some R and B, and some classical (depending on what it is).

another thing u should read is white teeth by Zadie Smith.

Do u read childrens/teenage books (not the trashey ones)?

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Hi Sarah. I trailed you here from the thread about Henry VII. You sound just like me smiley - smiley

I just finished High Fidelity. I *is* funny, but I supose I'm missing a few bits, not being a brit. I liked About A Boy a lot more though. He gets the bit about not fitting in spot on. Have you read that one?

Biology is my thing. It really set my head spinning when I realised that a human being is really just a community if single-cell creatures, co-operating.

Have you read any sci-fi?

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i haven't read about a boy, but i've read how to be good, by him, which was funny.

I have read some sci-fi, but i never seem to be able to find any good sci-fi books, if you have any suggestions, they are more than welcome.

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Try "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" by Robert Heinlein, easily the funniest and most...realised alternate society sci-fi's I've read. And a step-by-step guide to revolution smiley - smiley

"Book of the new Sun" by Gene Wolfe is...captivating, and twisted my brain inside out.

Although I agree, there is a lot od awfull stuff out there.

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Inverted Solipsist

Heinlein's _The Moon is a Harsh Mistress_ is good.

Also try Hal Clement's _Mission of Gravity_ (set on a planet that rotates once every 22 minutes--centrifugal force has flattened it into a pancake and surface gravity varies from 3 to 200 gravities). Actually just about anything by Hal Clement is good.

Since I'm an alter ego of U201118, I also have to recommend Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy and _I, Robot_.

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