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Guide to the Galaxy

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What I imagined in a guide to the galaxy is tips on how to survive wherever you are.
In other words I was expecting an entry on say France. With stuff about France in it. Then you can choose which city with stuff about that city/province whatever.
Well what I am trying to say is that what a hitch hiker's guide is, is not a guide to molecular biology (not that that is not usefull to have aswell) but mainly information about places, what to do there, how to survive there, etc. I really miss that a bit in the guide.
But all is not lost, I had an idea how to fix this:
Who know the most about a given town? The people that live there obviously!
So if those people all worked together on an entry about there hometown, we would have a lot of wonderful information about nearly every town in the world.
That's why I think there should be a university of The Universe (as opposed to Life). Where field researchers work together on entries about their town/country/city/province/state.
So let's get going. start it up, send an e-mail to every reporter that we want cooperation and you will have inside information about evey place on Earth!

Guide to the Galaxy

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GAHD, Misspeller of Words, Keeper of Things that never were and have yet to be;

much agread, though you'll admit that the original(fictional?) Guide also contained enries on the triple-brested whoure of Eroticon 8(is that the right number?) how to make a trans-galactic-gargle-buster, and all in all fairly useless info, wait which guide am I talking about again....smiley - huh

Guide to the Galaxy

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Researcher mim

no its 6
and its a gargle blaster

Guide to the Galaxy

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Researcher mim

possibly 4

Guide to the Galaxy

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vogonpoet (AViators at A13264670)

you were right the first time, 6.

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