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hiya from Taamyu (about edit)

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Hiya lil,
will you please tell me the page of the 'photos' page to put on my page.
I lost those page smiley - wah
the new h2g2 is really bit complicated to me..
not complicated but this become worldwide that what I didn't want to.. lol
I registered here because most of ppl are English/Brits not other countries ppl.

Well, I need to edit my page a little bit as it was really old one.

If you can, please tell me about editing pages.

Hope you're well and have a lovely Sunday.


Taamyu xxx

hiya from Taamyu (about edit)

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hi Taamyu,

Sorry not to get back to your sooner, we have just moved home and currently busy emptying boxes! smiley - headhurts

If you mean 'photos' as in blogs or pictures, I am guessing your are asking for the h2g2 picture library, which you will find at A692741
That page also gives you a link to Guide ML. If you get stuck, just give me a shout and I will do what I can for you smiley - hug


lil xx

hiya from Taamyu (about edit)

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smiley - ta LIL

I bookmarked this page smiley - laugh

As I posted my journal, I am really lonely now cos there's no-one I can believe here smiley - cry in Japan. Japanese ppl are not warm-heart mind. They just pretend that they are kind.. smiley - yikes
Some are really hypocrite, trying to be very kind, but they never think of any minorities in heart. That's why it's too hard for me to live here.
I can't believe anyone around me except for my French teacher who is FRENCH lol.

Please forget that I'M A JAPANESE. smiley - headhurts and keep in touch with me, LIL, my friend. smiley - cuddle

smiley - diva

hiya from Taamyu (about edit)

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

I'm never far away, sweetheart smiley - cuddle

lil xx

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