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Hi from el D

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hi el D,

Good to know you are back/not back/busy at summat again! smiley - hug

We actually had a 3 day summer last week! smiley - magic

Winter seems to be early this year smiley - laugh

Sorry to hear about the hernia smiley - hug. As for the thyroid, mine has been underactive for the last 15 years. As my tabs have never fully caught up with me, my weight has billowed! smiley - puff

You make sure to have regular blood tests.

We also have a new researcher who is keen on bikes. He has an Entry in Peer Review, would you care to give your expert opinion on it?


That is the link to the PR thread smiley - ok

Chat again soon. Take care, hunny

smiley - smoochs & smiley - hugs

lil x

Hi from el D

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el D – for the sake of brevity and out of respect for my fellow Glums

Oh my! You must think I've been abducted by aliens.smiley - aliensmile

The fact is that life has been getting in the way again, wouldn't you know it.smiley - smiley

As usual we've been spending more time away from home than we have been here (yes, I am at home at the moment, believe it or not). The customary mixture of Birmingham, Lincoln and Canterbury. Most recently our Lincoln flat became vacant so we had to spend some time there doing the usual 'tidying' and getting a new tenant. Object achieved, we're now home for about three weeks, something of a record for us.

Now our Bridport house is about to become vacant too (I hope, since the tenant seems to have forgotten about the little technicality of paying the rent and so we are having to terminate his tenancy.) That house has never been slow to let so I hope this time will be no exception.

Yesterday was our 45th anniversary!smiley - spacesmiley - biggrinsmiley - space We didn't do anything special but did have a fairly lazy sort of a day which makes a pleasant change in itself.

So, how is life treating you, I wonder? Are you all ship-shape and Bristol fashion in the new house now?

Take care and enjoy what summer you can grab as it passes! smiley - laugh

smiley - hugs andsmiley - spacesmiley - smooches,
Les xx

Hi from el D

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Congratulations Mr & Mrs el D on your 45th Wedding Anniversary!! smiley - applausesmiley - magicsmiley - gift

It's good to know you are doing well, even though life is keeping you busy! smiley - biggrin

We will be sorting out for our bathroom to be adapted into a shower or wet room. We shall be getting quotes for that soon.

Also, we are only about 5 or 6 weeks from the birth of our first Grand Baby Bump! smiley - wow

Excitement is everywhere!! smiley - somersault

You take care!

smiley - hugs & smiley - smooches

lil xx

Hi from el D

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el D – for the sake of brevity and out of respect for my fellow Glums

Thanks for the congrats. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!smiley - spacesmiley - magic

We had a fun few days recently when my lovely sister-in-law visited and decorated our bedroom while she was here. She's a professional painter/decorator and made a perfect job of it. I was doubly pleased that she agreed to do it for us when she pointed out what a difficult pattern match we'd chosen. It's a very muted design which appears to be fairly random but believe me, it's not and it's one of those jobs where, if you get it right it doesn't notice but, get it wrong and it'll stand out a mile!smiley - erm

Since then we've been looking out for some art to put on the walls to add some colour and character against the understated background. Well, today we found it. The Bridport Art Society was holding its annual exhibition and we found ourselves two beautiful paintings by the same artist and, as a bonus, a third by a different artist for another room which we weren't expecting to do. We shan't be able to eat for the next three weeks but we can sit and look at the paintings to take our minds off the hunger pangs! smiley - spacesmiley - laugh

We're beginning to get too used to all this sunshine. Soon we shall come to expect it and then, when the inevitable happens, we shall feel so hard-done-by! We've actually been to the beach a few times lately which is quite rare for us even if it is only 5 minutes away.smiley - cool

I hope you get the bathroom you want without too much hassle. Ours is quite a difficult room in that it's rather small and therefore doesn't leave much room for creativity. I'd love to have a wet-room but I don't think it's practical here. Shame!

And a grand-sprog imminent too. Lovely!smiley - ok

Ah well, I guess that's about it for now. Take good care of yourself!
smiley - hugs 'nsmiley - spacesmiley - smooches,
Les xx

Hi from el D

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hi Les smiley - smooch

You make the most of this decent weather, the winter is fast approaching and will be a long time here! smiley - ski

We are going to see if we can get a disability grant for the bathroom, the only problem with that is we have heard our Council is a stickler for getting everything 'just right' and will make the builders/plumbers do it over again until they get it right. Being agoraphobic I would want the workers in and out within the fastest time possible! smiley - puff

Besides, I won't want all that dust around the place once the little one arrives. Only 4 weeks to go smiley - oksmiley - magic

Best wishes to Mrs el D too! smiley - biggrin

smiley - hugs and smiley - smooches...

lil xx

Hi from el D

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el D – for the sake of brevity and out of respect for my fellow Glums

Hi Lil,

Another longish absence from here, sorry! But we have been in touch over those Words so maybe I can be forgiven?

Well, since I was last here we've been across the channel and spent some time in Brittany. We took the motorhome and, apart from the ferry bookings each way, didn't make any plans.We just wandered as we felt like it and stopped where we wanted. It was all very relaxing and we really enjoyed the break. We also came back well stocked with cheese, wine and patisserie! smiley - ok

You must be well and truly a granny by now! How are mum and babe? Well and thriving I hope. smiley - biggrin

I hope you are also keeping ok and the house is not proving too much of a drain on your energy.
Take good care of yourself.
smiley - hugs 'nsmiley - spacesmiley - smooches,

Hi from el D

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hi Les,

Of course you are forgiven smiley - smooch

I hope you and Mrs el D had a really good time, and made the most of the late summer weather smiley - ok

Baby Bump arrived last weekend, you will find out all the details in Facebook and in my journals here. She is a little beauty named Summer Jade... Now we can have summer all year around! smiley - magic

Oh.. and I'm Nana not granny smiley - winkeye

Still lots of smiley - hugs and smiley - smooches for you!

lil xx

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