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Hi Jimi!

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Lisa Marie

Hey Jimi, it's Lisa from years back (Et Cetera, Poet by the Toga, Lisa the Freak - jeez, I went through a lot of names didn't I?)

h2g2 has hardly crossed my mind in so many years, but for some reason it did today. Unfortunately I couldn't log in to my original account because it's been so damned long that I can't remember my account details! So I thought I'd make a new account and drop a few people a line.

This place has changed a lot! I think I never really got back into it after the big move. But I've a huge feeling it had a huge impact on my life nonetheless. When I first started using the Internet h2g2 was all I could envisage. It taught me XML and consequently HTML, and I remember when JavaScript wasn't banned and I messed around with that too smiley - biggrin And now I'm in my third year (of four) at the University of Warwick studying for an MEng in Computer Science! I wonder if I ever would have chosen this field had it not been for those first few dabblings on h2g2!

Anyways I thought it would be nice to make contact again. I was certainly a tiny little thing when I first 'met' you here, and I'm all grown up now (well, relatively)! It's my 21st birthday tomorrow. Don't they grow up fast?

Which reminds me! How are those beautiful daughters of yours? And indeed, how are you? What is life throwing at you these days?

I'm most likely not going to start using h2g2 again - it has too lovely a place in my memories to mar. But I'll check for any replies. smiley - smiley

With kind regards


Hi Jimi!

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Jimi X

I'm the same way - I'm my workplace webmaster all because I taught myself html here on h2g2. I wonder how many of us wound up working with computers because of h2 (or perhaps since we worked with h2 we were predisposed to work with computers?).

Anyway, it's great to hear from you and I'm glad you seem to be thriving. Though I don't know how you can possibly be 21. That would make me (gasp) 39? smiley - wah

My girls are nearly grown up themselves - my eldest is 13 and thinks she's 20. And my little baby who was born just a few months before I came to h2g2 is a third-grader and will turn 9 this June.

I've actually gone back to college this spring to earn my master's degree in communications and the lovely Mrs X is still as lovely as ever. smiley - loveblush

Good luck with your studies and don't be a stranger - even if you only check in from time to time to chat!

smiley - ok

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