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Jimi X

I helped bring a bookmobile to my community to help kids in poor areas have access to library services without leaving their homes.

It might not change the world, but it definitely makes a big difference in the lives of the kids who get on the bus every two weeks. We've had 800-some kids borrow 25,000 books in the past three and a half years.

You don't have to stop a war or cure cancer to make a difference. I reckon that individual action at a local level is as important as the actions of the global politicians and world-leaders.


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Help and support kids and poor people is great ....smiley - cheerup .. smiley - ok
But I am sure Some problems (dying kids in the world) could be solved but Some people Never let others do it .smiley - sadface...You will ,maybe will keep helping there, But in the other part of the world Kids will being killed . What is the difference??? Is it a great relief?!smiley - erm

It is just like that....You built and I distroy....And how many times will keep it?! Unfortunately, all good people do is a drop of water!

Many thanks to you even if you keep doing it!smiley - ok


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Hello Jimi!

I hope you are fine.

I want to ask you something.It is just smiley - erman advice I wish to hear from you.
There are such a site-
It is just for volunteers and I wish to join in it.
What do you think of this site? Can you trust in it??

Please,I need your help here and I look forward to your answer.


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