This is the Message Centre for Irishsaint I can sneak in here

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Emmy, Baroness Bikini Beachwear Babe of Bubsterland

and steal your peanut butter cups when you aren't here. smiley - smiley

Getting you to post something was all part of my plan! HA HA

*leaves a margarita and some peanut butter cup wrappers* I can sneak in here

Post 2


*walks in*

*sees cnady wrappers lying carelessly about*

*considers chastizing them for their laziness*

*realises it probably isn't their fault*

Now who would leave you all lying about like that??

*notices signiture margarita sitting on the coffee table*

Ahh, of course.

*looks around, sits on couch and sips margarita*

Sneaks back in......

Post 3

Emmy, Baroness Bikini Beachwear Babe of Bubsterland

*crouches behind couch*

*throws a lime to distract IS*

*while he's looking away grabs bag of peanut butter cups and crouches back behind couch*

*tries to open wrappers without making too much noise*

Sneaks back in......

Post 4


*looks at margarita*

Did you hear something?

No? Good.

*sips margarita*

Finishes off peanut butter cups.......

Post 5

Emmy, Baroness Bikini Beachwear Babe of Bubsterland

*hears IS talking to his margarita*

*thinks maybe she better leave the two of them alone*

*sneaks towards the door*

smiley - smiley


Post 6



You there!

Peanut butter cup wrapper!

I saw that. Where do you think you're going?

With Emmy? She's not here, you're imagining things again.

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