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Ace Welcome

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Elwyn_Centauri, geAt (O+ THS)

Pleased to meet you, uponthecloud
smiley - boingsmiley - boingsmiley - boing

Greetings, new Researcher! Care for a cup of smiley - tea? *Elwyn bustles about, setting out the smiley - coffee and smiley - oj too*

Well-come to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, lovingly referred by most Researchers as H2G2 or Hootoo smiley - wow!

I know you’re probably eager to start meandering your way around the plethora of interesting guide entries and snazzy journals on this site. I’m an Ace (acronym for Assistant Community Editor), meaning that I am here to make your acquaintances until you feel pretty comfortable smiley - biggrin!

You're probably already noticed the smiley - cool introductions other Researchers are proudly displaying on their personal spaces. To make your personal space even more exciting, feel free to drop by <./>A690518</.>.

smiley - somersault

Take the <./>DontPanic-tour</.> to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

The H2G2 <./>Frontpage</.> is full of news and interesting titbits that are well worth the time for one to chuckle madly over. Also <./>ThePost</.> is an awesome read. By and by, we do have some <./>HouseRules</.> you definitely want to read just to make sure you know them.

So: if you have any questions or just want to talk with me, simply click ‘reply?button at the bottom of this message and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. smiley - cheerup

Get your inventory of <./>Smileys</.> that are able to pervade every conversation with cheer and silliness. It's nice to spread the fun. Dazzle us, smiley - artist!

Bring yourself around to the PeerReview when you have the urge to read some entries or to submit your own smiley - 2cents. Remember to check out the <./>Writing-guidelines</.> so to get more of an idea how you can contribute to the Guide.

Thank you for joining our community. <./>Welcome </.> again! I hope that you enjoy your stay.


smiley - somersault
And remember - smiley - dontpanic!

Ace Welcome

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lovely fish

Dear Elwyn,
I really got a problem. Every time when I want to start a discussion, I found the sign said ¡°Board Closed¡±.
I don¡¯t know how to manage it.
I¡¯ll be so thankful if you can tell me what to do.



Ace Welcome

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lovely fish

Dear Elwyn, Sorry to trouble you again. The I can't find the Reply to this message button. I have searched almost everywhere. And there must be something run with my message boards. The When I click the tile of my message, the page will turn to a gray color and show nothing about the detail of the message. Like What can I do? Thanks a lot. uponthecloud

Ace Welcome

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Elwyn_Centauri, geAt (O+ THS)

My dear Uponacloud,
First of all, don't panic! The reply button is how you presumably managed to respond to my welcome smiley - ok

This seems to be on a different site smiley - erm rather than H2G2 than I am not familiar with - to be honest, but there is no reason why we cannot sort this out. Log out and then try again. If the problem persists I will ask somebody wiser and more navigation-saavy with modern technology than I am for guidance! smiley - grovel

smiley - biggrin

By the way, I come from China too! What a pleasure to meet you. smiley - smiley


Ace Welcome

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Elwyn_Centauri, geAt (O+ THS)

Haha, long time no see smiley - tongueout

Just wondering if you still need assistance with posting since you seemed to have started a discussion already, and a lively one at that! smiley - applause

Anyhow, I poked around the site and found the help page (it is a pop-up)

Read through the discussions until you find a message that interests you. Then click the Reply to this message button.

Click on Add original message if you'd like to include a quote from the message you are replying to.

If you only want to quote part of the message, click Edit and delete what you don't want. All the text between the <quote> tags will appear in a quotation box when you post your message.

Then type your message into the box and double check it - you can't change it later!

You can choose to Preview your message if you like...

Click Post Message and your message will appear on the board. Be patient, it might not happen straight away.

Track replies to your message by visiting My Discussions.

*smile* hope it actually helps!

Please feel free to ask me anything, as I am your humble servant smiley - winkeye

smiley - somersault

Ace Welcome

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lovely fish

Dear Elwyn ,
Your are so kind~~ What can I do without you?smiley - blush
I wanna thank you and thank you again!
What a nice thing to know you are Chinese too!! Thank God!
Elwyn, the day before yesterday, everything had gone fine with my message board. And I pose a message in the flatmate room.
But today~ It take me about half an hour to sign in. I tried more than 50th, so hard!
Than the most terrible thing happened. My message board broke down again. I can¡¯t start a discussion. I can¡¯t reply my message.
OH dear Elwyn, what can I do?smiley - wah
I¡¯m really sorry to trouble you again and again, but you know, you¡¯re the only one I can turn to.smiley - hug


Ace Welcome

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Elwyn_Centauri, geAt (O+ THS)

Oh dear smiley - flustered

Perhaps the site is busy... When I get the error message on here, I would refresh and try to, as my history teacher would say, fail again. smiley - erm

Let's not be so formal what with you asking for help. It makes me smiley - blush when I cannot seem to do much but offer basic advice. This and talking about all sorts of things is what I am here for, dearie.

smiley - hug Will you be my friend? It's wonderful to know that you're Chinese because I'll be learning a lot from you.

smiley - ok

Ace Welcome

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lovely fish

I'm very glad to be your friend.So lucky to have a friend like you~~smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrin

Ace Welcome

Post 9

Elwyn_Centauri, geAt (O+ THS)

Good afternoon smiley - tongueout

wow you just brightened up my day!

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