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Hi Vegi

I hope you don't mind me dropping by but I don't know if you saw smiley - thepost today but AE Hill has written an article on Creativity and h2g2 that I thought you would be interested in

which is an interesting read

but also a good excuse to pop by and say hello smiley - biggrin

Peanut smiley - peacesign

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smiley - wizard Thank you my spec of

Do they grow Peanuts on the moon smiley - rosesmiley - bubbly

smiley - runs to take a look smiley - boingsmiley - bleepsmiley - bluelightsmiley - shrug

sorry wrong way smiley - whistle
smiley - nur


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smiley - snork moondust, maybe that was what got into Dr Anthea's eye when she was watching Dr Who smiley - tardis

I am going to google peanuts in space, surely we have made it out there smiley - galaxy

smiley - hug

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You got into Dr Anthea's eye smiley - tardis ?

Somewhere in the smiley - galaxy reminds me
smiley - galaxy Babe may be having her smiley - brokenheart procedure/op. today - must pop over and say Hi again.

smiley - hugs and smiley - cuddles


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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

I was here...

[very ethereal, even artsy] smiley - lurk

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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

Then too, there were the ideas of A87770299 ...

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smiley - bigeyes

hello, sorry can't read a lot just now but will follow up that link tomorrow smiley - ok

meanwhile I have just googled peanut in space smiley - galaxy

does this look like a peanut to anyone, because I am not seeing a likeness myself

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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

Maybe you are too close to the name [smiles]
Try looking at this picture and then Comet Hartley 2:

OK it is not exactly the same, but nigher are you [smiles].

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You will be my Peanut smiley - hug with in my eye, how could be anything less smiley - winkeye

Saw the picture and I am sure it doesn't look like you smiley - biggrin

Hi AE that is definitely a peanut, shame it is not covered in smiley - doh

Read your article:
I cannot be sure but I seem to recognise your style of writing. Could it be copied ?

We cannot be a mountain of knowledge and Researching others work is how we learn and form our views. Therefore ones knowledge must, in most cases, be based on others work.

I have been on this planet for 65 years. Knowledge I accumulated is based around those who preceded me, no matter where the knowledge came from.

On that bases we are researchers, whether we have been given that as a name name or not.

On the other hand, we can claim something as our own work if we place a theory before others which has not previously been published but usually, even that is based around the work of others.

Also, we can invent something or discover something but once again would that invention or discovery have taken place without some assistance from others, past or present. Very unlikely.

Research two people's work who may be similar in views and you combine those two works in your own words, Is that copyright infringement.

Copy something word for word and claim it as your own, is a different matter.

Copyright v research
I think you already know the answer to this smiley - smiley
Many people can take the same picture. Does copyright belong to the first person who took that picture or plagiarised if the picture is slightly different ?

plagiarism is a different matter
You copy others work and change words which have the same meaning to make it look different or copy parts of others work and hope no one notices.

Knowlege is an accumilation of facts passed from one person to another by whatever means. If this did not happen, We would all still in the stone age - no even before that. Before time its self.

No knowledge can be fully claimed as your own.

So we better not write anything at all smiley - ok

all the best
vegimansmiley - smiley

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smiley - ok

Where's my manners.

Welcome AE
Did you read my Journal
vegimansmiley - smiley

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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute


*Did you read my Journal*

*Read your article:*
*I cannot be sure but I seem to recognise your style of writing. Could it be copied ?*

Well, yes in a way…
But as the author of that article, it would seem I have every right…

As for my style of writing, that flabbergasts me!
I was laboring under the delusion that my style was way too unique
…so unique that it seemed to me that people were unable to comprehend my words.

There are some well written entries on the subject of giving credit where credit is due.
My work in progress is:
Your thoughts seem very parallel.

So are we on the same track? I think not, but I could be wrong.
I thought you were going to comment on:
which I begin by crediting Julia Cameron’s work as inspiration, but I am sure no one would confuse her style with mine! I also think it would be hard to recognize the parallel thoughts amongst my original thoughts. If that is what you refer to, I am both flattered and flabbergasted.

If you were really unsure of your facts, then why did you write so many words about what you knew so little about?

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Hmm, I am going to duck out the copywrite stuff

I have though be thinking about community development and some of thoughts tied with the article in smiley - thepost

h2g2 is more than the guide, the guidelines have been relaxing since bbc although I know that some find it restrictive

this isn't an issue for me because there is smiley - thepost, the AWW, then there are the ways in which people use their journals to express themselves. While Create is directive in that it has themes and activities, is not restrictive because it not wholly guide orientated and it is a supportive environment in which people can contribute to h2g2 or just join in activities for the fun of it. It is s'posed to be fun smiley - winkeye

*takes breath*

how does this feed into my trains of thoughts recently. Vegi asked for positive suggestions to take h2g2 forward so I have been thinking about these community hotspots because these are what we have to build on.

Thing is that at the moment, in my very personal opinion is that we have no capacity to build.

We can't ask volunteers to do anymore because they are doing everything they can, so anything extra has to come from the community itself and I don't see much slack there

So we need to come up with ideas to pull those newbies in, as Vegi said.

I think while it is a difficult and fraught conversation to have,we do have to look at why we have been not been able to retain the researchers we had

A post that is lacking in suggestions of how to go forward but a start point of what I have been thinking

smiley - coffee

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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

Site Suggestion

Speaking for my imperfect self, I had a preconceived expectation based upon what I assumed h2g2 would be like. In hindsight, I see the signs were in place but I failed to appreciate their gravity. I expected to see the opposite of gravity. I was looking for more levity.

I went with the flow. The first article I wrote was written as a test of what to expect from this website. I tried to follow whatever suggestions were offered to me. That article was placed into Peer Review. While there, some said they liked the entry but offered little guidance for improvement. Some made helpful comments to bring the entry into conformity with h2g2 stereotypes. Some helped with typographical or grammatical errors.

A few suggestions were wrong, but I responded in a way to try to learn if I was just not understanding what was being explained for my benefit.

The result of the process was a hollow core of the original submission. There are several reasons for this result. Only one of the reasons is that the submission was inappropriate for the Approved Guide. I only learned that fact well into the process. I was Okay with that fact as my intention was to learn what to expect from the process.

What I learned was that not only was the entry in the wrong place, but that I was expected to know that ahead of time. I was expected to move the entry if I wanted it moved. Instead of moving the entry, I opted for changing the entry as suggested by the peer process.

If I want to write some non-creative non-fiction for the *educated lay* audience, I would come back to h2g2. I do not.

The Post or my Journal was suggested as alternatives. Quite honestly, these places are good for creative work but are also quite marginalized. I suggest a more *mainstream* channel for the burgeoning creative talents herein.

Having said that, I want to be quick to add that nothing should be done to diminish the Approved Guide. To that end I respectfully submit the idea for an Unapproved Guide.

My intention for suggesting an Unapproved Guide would be a place for well written but more creative than factual entries, a mainstream place for tongue in cheek Adams-like writing. For that to be other than The Post, I suggest a relational database interface of both Approved and Unapproved entries.

This, to me, is key. I suggest we follow what Adams suggested early in 2000:
What we are now in the process of doing is taking the experience of the last two years and radically redesigning the underlying architecture of the Guide so that it becomes much easier to find information, much, much easier to enter information, and much, much, much easier to connect one piece of information with another. Then we'll look at how that's working and then, I expect, we'll redesign it again. - A550955

In conclusion; being careful about setting expectations, guiding newbies and others appropriately, and posting well written entries will do much to keep people engaged with h2g2.
smiley - cheers

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I commented on your Copyright page and the accreditation of such work because the link you supplied led me there. smiley - winkeye

It was a personal view and not a matter of fact. smiley - ok

Do I know anything about the subject?
When having your work stolen, word for word as I have, You get to know quite a bit.

Am I an expert, Na smiley - smiley


Your comments and views as a newbie are just what the smiley - doctor ordered.
There is great confusion for newbies because some of the facts of the site are out of sight and as you imply, "not available or not easy to find". I note by going to your Personal Space that Lil helped you through your initial confusion. Your views are valid as most newbies would not have the initiative you had by asking.

<"The result of the process was a hollow core of the original submission.">

I am afraid this can be the case in Peer Review, If you feel you are right about something, you stand your ground as you should in most cases have more knowledge on the subject than other Researchers.

If you got passed Peer Review you will then be introduced to a sub editor who has the final say if the article is to be sent through to the official guide. If not it stays as part of the unofficial guide and does have an airing on search engines. As long as it does not break house rules, it will be there as long as the site exists.

Artistic writings, including fiction do not at this time form part of the official guide remit but wait for it ! I believe the committee should be in discussions on ways to do this. Hopefully they will be part of the future of h2g2. Fingers crossed. This will be part of the campaign I will be starting to improve h2g2. How they should do this so the stories are databased is a technical thing but something we could discuss on site.

In the past when DNA was alive, the italics as they were known then - (Site Editors) - discouraged fictional writings on site with the words "There is only one DNA and stories are not part of the sites remit". I believe that this view has changed and that the site is heading towards a writer based haven, no matter which style of writing the writer wishes to take on.

So there is a place for all, even for a old dyslexic person like myself smiley - cheers

I have a different persona which is between the two. Fiction based around fact smiley - smiley would my home page on this pass the peer review ? It would be interesting to find out one day. U14996410smiley - biggrin
If you create a new page, writing an article or story, you will have automatically have created an unofficial guide entry and the link at the foot of your home page to your new page will ensure it is indexed by search engines like Google. They will also form part of the h2g2 search facility. Should at a later date, it become available to add to a fictional side of the Official Guide, you will have work already there and waiting for review.

One Researcher in the distant past wrote the beginnings of a story, "The Restaurant at The End of The Universe", I think it was called. Other Researchers were invited in collaboration to write the remainder of the story. Alas he took it down. I believe Lil your self assigned ACE has also started something similar but, it has not been widely advertised on site. Have a word with her. It may still be going.

all the best

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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

It seems our misunderstanding is another place for improvement of h2g2.

First, I apologize for my part in that misunderstanding. So sorry!

Second, I really tried to be clear about what my comments were referring to…
My post said:
*Read your article:*
*I cannot be sure but I seem to recognise your style of writing. Could it be copied ?*

So I am still at a loss to understand what you meant by the above.

Third, as you seemed otherwise distracted, Peanut was posting to this thread and I was actually responding more to Peanut than to you directly. I understand that this is your message centre and it is quite understandable that you assume I was directing myself more to you. Sorry.

Fourth, Peanut wrote:
*A post that is lacking in suggestions of how to go forward but a start point of what I have been thinking*

So, my post number 13 was a reply to that line. Still, I am glad you were able to chime in on what I thought was the intended topic. Great.

Fifth, starting way back when the conversation was under my entry, you did not have time, but you suggested I read your Journal and you referred to my *A* number, Creativity. I looked, but I did not see any direct mention of my *A*. I still do not see any mention. I assume you actually wanted me to consider your 25Sep2012 post. Then you wrote on this thread: *Did you read my Journal* I said I did. I should have asked what you wanted me to see. Sorry. I did read, “…please, please sign up to this venture here.” I did not understand what I should do if I so wanted. I was also not yet sure if I wanted to sign up.

Sixth, as to my comment “…unsure of your facts” that also referred back to what I tried to specifically quote when you said, *I cannot be sure but…* I was confused, and really, I am still a bit confused. Sorry.

Seventh, so I am willing to chalk all that up to mistakes and move on. smiley - cheers

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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

Design by committee is a term referring to a style of design and its resultant output when a group of entities comes together to produce something (often the design of technological systems or standards), particularly in the presence of poor leadership. The defining characteristics of "design by committee" are needless complexity, internal inconsistency, logical flaws, banality, and the lack of a unifying vision.

pause for thought… smiley - biggrin

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The Whispering Dog

smiley - ok
AE smiley - cheers for the info.
I am not going into all the confusion bits, but will explain one.

I truly thought at first you were someone from my h2g2 past, coming back with a different AKA. So similar in style of writing and thought processes.

If you were him - and you're not -you would have come back with a retort I would recognise. Sorry the fault was mine in making such an assumption.

Talk to peanut on this thread to your smiley - love's content. h2g2 in the main is a friendly place. trolls aside you can always find people on site who are of similar in mind. Peanut has had more time on site than myself as I only returned to the fold in recent months and could be a better mentor - she is to mesmiley - smiley

The Creative Page on site is an attempt for the h2g2 team to go forward with artistic writings. So bear with them, they are breaking new ground and could most likely welcome any help pushing this forward.

I too, am not in favour of quango style committees
but the writing of the book I mentioned on site by a Researcher now named Zach Garland on site previously Zachsmind was extremely successful and a great story in the making until the site organisers at a top level stopped it. He was a good organiser and at the time a close cyber friend.

It would not be frowned on today even if it was in DNA style - such a shame it's no longer there. smiley - doh

I have been successful in the early days in helping to shape h2g2. I work better with people around me whether they sign up or just throw their suggestions at me. Bouncing ideas of others is good. A think Tank where ideas can be formulated.

I am a great believer of the saying "buck stops here", ideas in the past, the buck stopped at my door. No need to say more. In those days I was a well known character so it was easier to stir up emotions. Today I am not so well known but hope to be an inspiration to help this site move forward.

That's enough about me I do not want to sound too evangelistic. Needless to say your comments are welcome as a newcomer, seeing things with fresh eyes, sign up not sign up but do have your say, you see things that are staring others in the face and too close to have the vision of seeing. What's good and what's not so good.

all the best
Only use the shortened version of my name to those I feel are friends. Hoping that is OK with you.

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Whoops, I used my other alter ego. Thats the problem when using two browsers at the same time smiley - doh

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Ooops! smiley - laugh

lil x

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Lil smiley - ok

is alright to get off the naughty step yet smiley - laugh


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