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frog meister

Guess that makes me Satan then. They NEVER hunch in a corner, they are always out there hopping, skipping and barn-dancing.
Their messages may be evil and obscure, but never boring. Your life may be taken over, but is that such a bad thing? You may be disowned by everyone, but think of the freedom! Dead after two minutes? Well, killing frogs is fun. Send them back to the void? They are part of the void, so join them. Addiction is only a problem if you think it's a problem. Change your thoughts. Forget the assignment, just get the frogs to dance and your entry to my kingdom is guaranteed.

Watch out for the US version of M206, or "Frogs take over the New World", the Australian version "You thought cane toads were a problem", M878 "Frogs for experts", and M301 "Frogs in cyber space"

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Satan replies

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