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If you want to be where it's happening - go to my page and click on any conversation. Somewhere under the row of orange buttons there'll be some orange writing saying 'Ask H2G2'. If you click on this it'll take you into this part of the guide and you can opt to subscribe to conversations as they are posted. A lot of the traffic goes through Ask Hootoo. The 'Front Page' is also a good way into different discussions - and so is smiley - thepost, Hootoo's newspaper.
You can meet a lot of people playing silly games - some of which are in Ask Hootoo and others are in 'United Friends of H2G2'.

There's also a Scottish Researchers group - you can get into that via the Hootoo search button.

Are you finding interesting things? It's ok to lurk around other people's spaces - in fact it's expected. People are usually quite flattered if you leave them a message.

Did you do the Test the Nation thingie? I'm in the top 2% - smiley.

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Chaaars quine. I've nae hid muckle time tae g'wa footerin' aboot. I'll hae a dek. Re Test The Thingy my wife got 139 as her quiz quotient and I got 130. In my defence I'd had 2 Stella's and 1/2 a bottle of Organic Sicilian Red. Probably helped mind........

Ach well. I'm awa fer a gander. Chaaars....

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