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hey, im to be your new padawan mate, i was psyc's but he been sent away to think about what he's done, so im all yours, nice to meet yousmiley - biggrin

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Ancha Theri (Jedi Master)

Hi Papaclip. I look forward to working with you.

I should have read this before coming to the Arena!

See you there.

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Ancha Theri (Jedi Master)

I see you've just gone offline so I'll take this chance to tell you a few things about me and my character which may help you to progress.

My character is strictly lightside (so far).
He believes control of the Force is most important.
In combat training, he is not impressed by flashy moves but expects supreme competence in the use of the Force.
He expects loyalty and trust from his colleagues and gives it back unreservedly.

My ship is modified X-wing (TARABENA) and is a single seater so I suggest you make yourself a ship in the Space convos. Go to the front page, then Inner/Outer Space and create a new convo with your ship's name (unless you already have one in which case smiley - sorry for preaching to the converted!).

In real life I work shifts so I may be on at odd times or sometimes not on for a few days. If we are missing each other, I may leave you exercises to practice until I return. If you get bored with practising feel free to interact with other characters or bring other padawans in to practise with you.

I'm on tomorrow night at about 11pm (UK)

See you

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lol, im afraid you wont see me tonight im off to town, with phsyc, lol, me and him are good friends, as for my character im just beging to develope him, im thinking along the lines of makes high quaility lightsabers as a hobby or something, sorta like samurai masters did with katanas and the like, but i'll let that develope. soon however i will be back to work after only doin minor shifts, and so my online time will shrink

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i hear ur a memeber of the Asmodai Dark is a smiley - bleep club, but Psyc wudnt say y, do explain

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Ancha Theri (Jedi Master)

AD was having a real go at Psyc, which I thought was unfair. AD seemed to be acting very paranoid at the time. So I went to Psyc's home page for a chat and offered him my support (if he ever needed it).

AD also read the convo and started laying into me about continuity and how I was a coward for not having the convo within the storylines. I lost the place then flamed him back and the firefight went back and forth for a few days.

Everybody else was getting P****d of with it so I tried to make peace with AD. He threw the peace offering back in my face so I resigned from the Academy and disaappeared for about 5 weeks.

During the time I was away I kept kept a watch on what was happening and in one convo AD apologised for "driving me away" so I decided to come back and finish my training.

Since then I've convo'd with AD in part of the game and everything has been OK between us.

I don't know what his "gameplan" is - no doubt we will find out in time.

The way I look at it now is - this is only a game. You play it as you see fit. If you don't like what someone else is doing leave them alone and get on with your own story line.

Getting mad and having arguements only spoils it for yourself and everyone else.

If I have to face AD in a storyline I'll do it and if I have to fight him I'll give it my best shot. Likewise if I have to work with him I will unless he does something which will compromise the good of the game.

But as far as I'm concerned our past disagreement is forgotten.

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fair do's wel i hate him so u can laugh cos i will slate him when ever i get the chance

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Ancha Theri (Jedi Master)

You can email me at:-

[email protected]

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