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In search of radiators

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In the looking glass two girls sit together watching nonsense on a tv. It ends and starts again and they watch it over and over for hours.

On the outside of the glass two women are watching them. Time has changed them both, one has shorter hair, the other longer. Both are fatter. They watch themselves in the glass and as the girls hands meet so do theirs. They share a look.

It's been a while hasn't it.

Mmm, not so very long.

Six years was a lifetime, back then.

Not so long from this end though.

They smile on each other and turn back to the mirror. In the glass the girls snuggle closer and their hearts beat faster. They both look steadfastly at the TV, not once at each other.

What are you doing with your finger.

That's not your line.

Watch, we'll be going to the train station soon.

With both our hands in your pocket.

In the mirror the girls parted, but it would only be for a week and then hardly ever again. The glass went dark.

So, what do you want to do next?

In search of radiators

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Fattylizard - everybody loves an eggbee

Perhaps we should kiss?

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