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Hi Jae

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Hi Jae smiley - smiley

Welcome to h2g2 (aka The Guide or hootoo)

I'm Jonathan (that is my real name) from London England and I'm an <./>ACE</.> (Assistant Community Editor). I just dropped by to greet you and give you some useful links and a hand (if you need it) to get a flying start to h2g2smiley - biggrin (thats one of the things ACEs do)

A great place to start is the <./>DontPanic-Tour</.>its freesmiley - smiley and the next Tour smiley - bus leaves whenever you want.

For help at anytime visit the <./>DontPanic</.> Help Center or <./>Feedback</.>

smiley - smileysmiley - sadfacesmiley - tongueoutsmiley - coolsmiley - cheerssmiley - alesmiley - burger to get information on the Smileys just click on any of them or here..<./>Smiley</.>

A good place to get involved is <./>ASKh2g2</.> where the conversation is always lively and on most subject you could thing of and maybe a few you wouldnt think ofsmiley - laugh

Another ACE Fiesor has a most excellent page ..Hints and links for New Researchers @ <./>A719840</.> very smiley - cool

Check out Spicing up your page @ <./>A609518</.> last of all I have a links page @ <./>A1022400</.>

Contact me at anytime you want for help, advice or just a chat by clicking reply at the bottom of this message of leave a message on My Space by clicking on my name at the top or @ <./>A220282</.>

but for now have a smiley - coffee and some smiley - cake but most of all enjoy!

So long and thanks for all the smiley - fish

Jonathansmiley - zoom

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Hi Jae

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