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Hi Angel,
Am I in a Douglas Adam's book the thing I find most confusing is how do I open up the pages of H2G2 to my own little patch. You must understand. I've never had a comuter lesson in my life. I had to teach myself how these keys on the board and I get lost sometimes; I don't care about being lost. Because sometimes I'm naughty, like just now, fore instance I got buried in a coffin, which closes on Thursday on the farce side of the last laugh site. Luckily a guy called Bill Will who could be a girlguide or dog or just a great of hunk of manhood got me out, with click and if he is around you can thank him; he rescued me. The last laugh team thought I should be buried, very funny.
Thanks they tried to drown me, but I got out with Freya and Robin.

I'm going to try some smiley faces and probably some nasty ones too just show I'm can get evensmiley - biggrinsmiley - laugh What if I can't find you. I tried to get into this sight before and how is it that you put my name up on that website so everyone knows who I am now. Can they see my end story from last year.
The Fay Weldon thing, I had forgotten all about it I didn't know how to get back to it anyway. And how come you put it up there, it is stored here and why did you put it in site. It might have been secret. I might have been able to sell that, not that I've earned a bean through writing. Do you get paid. Any jobs going? Can anyone else see my discussions what is private, because I prefer being private and today a green board came up and I think it had all my discussions on it, Do you know I'd love to see it back again. Can you take me to my converations?

I can't even work my new mobile phone, it was vibrating on the table just now and I pressed the green button and all I got was ringing. And I hadn't phoned anyone?? So you can see you are with an alien; even if you are a hi angel I can tell you that's why I'm in the H2G2 world. where have my smileys gone I'll try again smiley - smiley

Now, the most important thing is when log on why do I go to a bare page that has these funny little black squares and a sign saying search. I only want to see my page. Of course, I don't mine seeing you, but I also have work to do and I've got a million things to edit so in a quiet moment can we discuss it. How! That was me making peace.
love DPN

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