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runny treacle

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Gregori K.

in the words of Joy Division, please will you tell me where I aaaaaaaaammmmm?

of course I must say hello, I knew you would be here metaphorically, in real-time you will be astride the bike atop Rivington Pike. Slightly disappointed not to find succulent recipes..but they shall arrive upon a silver platter. How to make a cup of tea, well put a teabag in first and then -this is the secret- wait patiently and 'gently' squeeze the teabag agin ye cuppe - and there it is. Rather Simple really.

John I have searched far and wide upon this place...and only found a pennipod..I mean he sounded rather sensible. I THINK Iam called Gregori K. but everyone changes their name here, you have, so if you could give me instruction I would change my name to...runny treacle - sounds okay, yes.

runny treacle

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Man! I thought if I “climbed the highest mountain, etc”, nobody would find me! Rivington Pike clearly isn’t high enough (“Genug ist nicht genug” – song from Konstantin Wecker). Or I musta left smiley - footprints in the sand looking for that bottle of St. Chinian! “Ich lebe immer am Strand” (also from Konstantin W.). How nice to write ‘foreign’ and not be modded!

Actually I never come here anymore, but with all the QQ movers to here, I thought I’d better have alook what was going on h2g2. Though for the moment I thought I’d keep quite and not join in. But what a surprise I got, treacle dripping everywhere..... Maybe I should write to smiley - dragon, surprise her, I bet she’s a noix person.

I had a look at pennipod’s piece; I’m not sure about the agency bit, though; makes it sound like filing cabinets with folders on everyone, 5-year and 1000-year plans, incentive and reward schemes, and smiley - alienfrown boss with cigar and secretaries on his knees, so just about the same as God, except for the last bit - unless He’s into Tantra nowadays, as His way to God.

I think you change your name by going to your own ‘personal space’ then to ‘preferences’ (column on left side) and simply typing in your new nickname over the old one, then clicking ‘update details’. It seems Miranda musta recently done this, now she’s given herself a ‘funny’ new name, so you could smiley - zoom to her and ask.

I’m sure ‘squeezing the teabag’ must mean something in slang, mustn’t it? Eitherway, I suppose in literal terms, it’s the modern equivalent of ‘always stir the pot twice round with the spoon’ which someone famous once said when they only had smiley - tea leaves; can’t remember who but he was definitely right!

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