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hope u don't mind scouser, but i've added u to my friends list? smiley - erm

but if u do, just say n i'll delete it smiley - ok?

Trish smiley - love

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Hi Trish,
‘Strangers are friends just waiting to happen’. Mind if you’ve added me to your friends? Not at all; I feel flattered, Angel.

A week or so ago, I decided to ride the smiley - pony (= donkey) and take R.L.Stevenson at his word („A friend is a gift you give yourself”) and added you to my list. Without asking! (just a mo' - here’s your smiley - handbag. Owa! Owa!)

Anais Nin said “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born”. And that’s sort of true, even in this virtual environment, Isn’t it, marra? smiley - love. There are ‘Worlds in Collision’ theories which have something to do with the disappearance of the dinosaurs, but I’m pretty sure we’re far from them, in all respectssmiley - spacesmiley - smiley

I did a good curry last night. Yeh I know what you think, but even the daughter complemented on it, and you should know how often teenagers speak positively about parents. It was Bhuna Gosht, which is a pork curry, the spices being mostly coriander seeds with some sweet paprika powder. I never use curry powder, rather the basic spices.
What do you prefer to make/eat? Does doing Karate mean you tend to the diet of a Buddhist monk, or are you more traditional to the NE, or simply confined by time/demand/child constraints?

I enjoy cooking and my other main preference is Mediterranean food, whereby I mainly mean South-France, Italy and North-Africa. That doesn’t mean I sometimes don’t eat mincemeat-and-barley stew, chips with lamb chops and green beans, or smiley - porkpie. But if you’re ever able to pop in for teatime, you now know what I’ll come up with (though I hope I might still surprise you with the desert!)

I’ve not done the GNR yet; the only smiley - run races I’ve done in England were on Merseyside coincident to my visits. I’ve done half-marathons though, the best being in Luxembourg when all finishers got a bottle of white smiley - redwine as reward and the top 300 (of about 2000) got two.

I only started running about 6-7 years ago when I started to have problems playing smiley - football (cartilege, slipped disc, etc). My other main sport has always been cycling. If you are into motorbikes, that might seem to you (as a Sabbath fan) like me saying I like folk music, but I don’t think of it at all like that (and I’m not keen on folk music either).
Going up a mountain pass on a “Harley Davidson….long blonde hair flyin’ in the wind” (Neil Young song about a woman alone with two kids - though it sounds like Eddie Izzard too) might be easier than on a bicycle, but you can’t beat an alpine descent on a flimsy 20 lb racing bike, barely clothed, at 70 mph.

Is ‘A & E’ accident and emergency? Been there three times, cycling accidents, though two not my fault. The nicest nurses were in France, where you also got smiley - redwine with the meals (erred my judgement?). Don’t know what you mean with ‘ot icu (surgical)’ but I would be glad to learn.

Since you’re so good at these abbreviations, can you say what ‘ivo’ means; it appears in some MB posts my daughter looks at, and she has (foolishly!) asked me what it means.

The film you’re taking me to: I decided it must be ‘Catch me if you can’ – cos’ we both mentioned running and you finished with ‘catch u l8r’ (albeit a bit presumptuoussmiley - spacesmiley - smiley). Not sure it’s exactly my taste, despite some work colleagues having spoken well of it. Though, aren’t we sometimes really happy with chicken rather than steak? And anyway, I like two of the people in lesser roles in the film – Nathalie Baye and Martin Sheen. Might go and see it on 13 March evening; see you there! You’ll have bags of smiley - crisps in the hand so I can recognise you???

Fiddling around this weekend trying to install new sliding doors between two rooms that previously had double swing doors in the gap. Where’s that girl with the hammer!
What are you up to this weekend? Are there any interesting exhibitions on at the Side Gallery at the moment??

smiley - hug pwalnuts

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hiya scouser smiley - smiley

well that's a really lovely philosophy
for lifesmiley - biggrin (about a friend being a gift!) smiley - winkeye
n OI! wot were u doing with my smiley - handbag neway??? oooooooo srtange!!
smiley - yikes

OMG! please don't talk to me about curries!! i make the very basic ones(wen i must) but beingthe only one in the family that doesn't like them fraid i'm not very good at them(although i've had no complaints as yet).....n it had NOTHING to do with me standing over them with the rolling pin as they tasted the meal!!! smiley - tongueout
but i must concede n say my ex makes much better curries than i do(but then he loves eating them) so no contest really i think!! smiley - laugh

my favourite food really is chainese, including cantonses, n i like greek n italian. i don't mind trying new tastes(within reason).......that means i wud never knowingly eat sheeps eyes, escargot or other things i've heard about n found disgusting to think about!! but usually i stick to the things i know i like(especially if i'm paying for it wen eating out!!) smiley - whistle
fraid i karate is the only japanee influence in my life,never have tasted their cousine(not that i wudn't if i got the chance)smiley - smiley
i'm a pretty good cook (ask my son!!!)smiley - laugh n i'll cook nething from traditional to chinese,always willing to give something new ago(it's always another string to my bow being able to cook something new!)
but fraid i'm not very good at baking!! just don't seem to have the patience for it!! n it doesn't often come out right!!smiley - sadface
it might taste fine but sometimes looks smiley - weirdsmiley - dohso i gave up on that!!

yep A&E os Accident n Emergency ......n icu is Intensive Care Unitsmiley - smiley
but i'm afraid i've no ideaa wot 'ivo'
is short for,(although i cud hazard a guess, but if i wrote it on here the moderator wud probably delete it!!) smiley - winkeye so u'll hae to let me know wen/if u find out!!smiley - smiley

oh right!! yeah i wouldn't mind seeing that although it probably wudn't b my first choice,however i do like martin sheen(although not HALF as sexy as his son charlie!!...oooooooh drool!!) lmao
(lmao=Laugh My Ass Off)
oooohh now i've gone all unnecassary n can't type str8!!.....time out!!....deep breaths.......right i'm back now!!(perspiring just a little) smiley - loveblush
right, where was i? ...erm....oh right...films!! my most favourite actor is DeNiro, mmmmmmmmmm....n fave actress wud have to be meryl streep!
however as long as their r good actors in the film i'd fine it watchable(n a GOOD story usually helps i find)smiley - laugh
Neway, just look for a beautiful woman with bags n bags of s&v smiley - crisps on the 13th n u've found me! smiley - laugh

well there was nothing happening here this weekend, but i've just received a phone call from my son who's apprently sleeping at his m8s 2night!!!!.......
bit l8 to tell me now liike!!smiley - sadface
doesn't leave me ne time to organise nething.........still it means i have my own company for 2night n can totally please myself smiley - biggrin
soooo i think a luxurious soak in a nice relaxing bath n a bit os self pampering sounds good at the moment
mmmmmmm heaven, so i'll smiley - love u n leave u.......smiley - erm n u better not be l8 on the 13th.....i don't like s&v smiley - crisps so please b there!! smiley - laughsmiley - hug

catch me if u can.....erm....i mean catch u l8r smiley - biggrin

Trish smiley - hugsmiley - kisssmiley - lovesmiley - run

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Hi Angel smiley - smiley

I know self-pampering is a lot of fun too smiley - winkeye, but please let me join in and pamper you too – here’s some smiley - choc (Lindt, of course) and some smiley - bubbly (will Moet et Chandon be smiley - ok by you?)

I suppose by now you’ve properly pampered yourself in the bath, but had I known earlier, I could have also given you some smiley - choc bath cubes, soap and shower gel. You would have come out tasting delicious, smiley - ermsmiley - laugh I mean smelling delicious.

So you’ve never had snails; you don’t know what you’re missing, girl. Better than smiley - toffeeapple, I mean they don't come with garlic, parsley and butter, do they. Next time you’re in Paris, I know this super little restaurant ….smiley - smiley

Chinese food is smiley - ok too, provided they don’t stick too much msg in it – that makes me wheeze for hours afterwards. Vietnamese food is good, tried that?
I wanted to go to China (inland of Canton, where smiley - tea originated from) the other year, but it never came off. I haven’t given the idea up yet though. A work colleague whose parents came from Canton has just re-married, to a girl from southern China, and he hopes to go to China later this year and maybe buy a flat (for the moment to rent out) outside of Canton. I hope he does because it may prove useful.smiley - winkeye

Well if you’re no good at baking, it’s no use me coming, is it? Fat chance of a cake! smiley - biggrin

If that film isn’t your first choice, what would be?
Tomorrow I’m going to see 'Ten Minutes Older – The Trumpet' tomorra, probably more my taste than CMIYC. It’s one of those arty films you get at independent cinemas, one of which there is not far away from here (4 villages = 5 miles away), and which I visit frequently.

Martin Sheen musta been just as sexy one time because Charlie looks just like his Dad did 25 years ago.
If I’d known you like De Niro, I could have invited you here yesterday evening. Once Upon A Time In America was on TV. We could have got comfy on the couch and drank a bottle of smiley - redwine together. smiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - smileysmiley - winkeyesmiley - smiley

In the end I didn’t watch it (though I didn’t renege on the smiley - redwine) because I thought I had it on video from a previous time it was shown, it being a favourite of mine. But on checking, it’s had something else recorded over it smiley - grr

Men often choose as their favourite filmstar, footballer, etc, types whom they physically resemble. Do women do the same? When I think of whom my sister likes as singers, I’d guess so; but then again, I know women who seem to choose their favourite actress based on some sort of self-identification with the roles of the actress, rather than physical resemblance.
I haven’t seen it but wasn’t Streep once in a film called She- smiley - devil?smiley - spacesmiley - biggrin

Tonight Email For You was on TV, but I’ve had another channel on instead, with The Magic Flute opera. Even if you don’t like the music, I'm sure you would have liked the stage and costume design – colourful and exotic, like avantgarde marionettes.

If you’re going to bring that many bags of smiley - crisps with you, we’ll have to sit apart – you won’t be able to hear the film because of the noise! Perhaps I won't eat them - I don't like noise from other people eating in the pictures, so I should also abstain (from smiley - crisps, that is). So you don't have to bring any afterall. I'll just look out for a beautiful woman; I should be able to pick you out easily.smiley - whistle

smiley - hugsmiley - cuddle and smiley - kiss

Got to smiley - run out of hootoo now. Actually was doing other stuff on compu, glanced in before and saw you needed pampering, so had a break from the other, a break devoted just to you smiley - blush

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ooooooh u can pamper me netime scouser, but fraid i don't drink wine!! smiley - smiley
but the chocolate sounds good!!(ALL of it!)WEG!!

ur turn to explain? too much 'msg' in chise food??? sorry don't understand that bit! smiley - doh

well i'd keep wel in with that work collegue if i was u......never know where it might lead!! smiley - winkeye
wots ur job by the way?

i wuda loved to curl up on the sofa n watch DeNiro with u, u cuda drank all the wine urself n i cuda swooned while watching(until u decided to swith it off!!! smiley - doh

n fraid i don't think i resemble ne actress really(i'm FAR 2 goodlooking for that!)smiley - whistlesmiley - nahnah
i'm 5' got waist length permed auburn hair n hazel eyes (on email if u have an email addy)i cud send it to u n You cud then decide who u think i look like!! smiley - laugh
(but if i was u i'd b VERY careful of the answer!!smiley - devil

well if u don't want <crisps. then wot DO u want?? ? smiley - cake? ??
typical scouser!! can't make their mind up!! smiley - tongueout

right gotta dash smiley - run loads to do n places to go smiley - sadface .....but not enuff time to fit everything in!! smiley - yikes
neway hope to catch u l8r smiley - smiley

Trish smiley - hugsmiley - kisssmiley - love

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Hi Trish,smiley - smiley
Just a line before I have to smiley - run; I’m meeting a virtual smiley - angel at the pics.

Well since you won’t have any smiley - crisps, this is how you can recognise me:

I look like a smiley - monster. Hey wait a minute, smiley - doh that isn’t the smiley I clicked on! And don't think I look like that. I’ll try again.
I’ll be standing next to the smiley - rainbow. Man, that’s twice now.smiley - grr
Look, I’ll be wearing a jacket made of smiley - tomato. Damm, what’s happening smiley - steam.
OK, now listen, I’ll be carrying a smiley - sheep. Oh I give up!!!!!smiley - wah

Now I’m going to be late! smiley - runsmiley - runsmiley - puffsmiley - puff
You’ll have gone in and the smiley - disco will already be turned down, the film about to start!
Well, a last tip -
I’ll be the smiley - aliensmile you feel fumbling in the dark!

smiley - smooch 3pw
(oops, sorry mate! wrong row!)

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lmaopmp .....ur menthol!! u know that don't ya??
c u l8r thensmiley - smiley

have fun!!smiley - winkeye

(whispered) guess i'll just have to w8 me turn huh? ......smiley - sadface

smiley - cry

smiley - cry

still smiley - crying!!

smiley - sadface

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Hey Trish,

Don’t be smiley - sadface; I sat on one of those double-seats the cinema has and imagined you were curled up there too.smiley - smiley

Just a pity the last smiley - bus goes before the film finished, making it impossible for you.
Didn’t eat the cornet I bought for you either – I still have it here with me now in the hand.

Perhaps one day we’ll go to the flics and I’ll bring you to the busstop and you’ll invite me in for smiley - coffee and I’ll say “well, I never knew they served coffee on the no. 520 smiley - bus

smiley - hugsmiley - kisssmiley - love

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OMG!! the 520 smiley - bus???? u really know how to show a girl a good time don't u?? smiley - loveblush

so was the film negood then??

(but think i'll pass on that cornet!!)
smiley - yikes

dunno if i'll b on here over the w/e or not, so till we chat again take care scouser smiley - kiss

Trish smiley - hugsmiley - cuddlesmiley - love

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..............................smiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - choc

...................................smiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - choc

........................................smiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - choc

..............................................smiley - chocsmiley - choc

...................................................smiley - choc

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