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Mrs Zen

You can't just drop in, flap around in a thread or two and drop out again!

Can you?

smiley - love



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I hope not - people have missed you and want to know how you are!

smiley - smooch


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Only just picked up on this, sorry girls.
Been very busy dealing with life, but promise I will not be a tease and will lurk again!
Have been writing, really really, as in 'finished radoio script and just about to send to Radio 4' kind of writing! The best thing is, I won't mind the rejection (ever the optimist) this time I did it just for me.
How are you both? Please let's have a meet? Am sort of on top of the day job now; it's still great fun but hardly world peace.
Loads to tell.
Finally got back in the saddle smiley - winkeye bad choice but great learning curve! God for an old girl I am incredibly green...but not so green now.
Youngest offsprung has bounced back and is being political in proud. Ravager pup came back for the summer and bounces back again after Christmas. Sharing the house again was difficult, I do like my own space I've discovered. But this is going to be my future so I had better get used to it!
You see, you shouldn't have called me back...why write a sentence when you can get away with an epic?
How are you both? Please tell.
lots of jump ups and paws and sloppy hello's
Take care


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Hey look who's back in town!

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