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I am unbelievable happy to see my very old page as MY SPACE.
Thank you Very much being so nice to me. Some of my long known friend like Gnomon was encouraging me to find my stuff because it is not deleted.
Well now what should I do?
My sign in name was All_and_More and have a guessing of the password because at that time I used only one password and that should help.
Though as I tryed this version I was rejected saying: that I repeatedly typed a wrong password.smiley - wah
In any case right or wrong I have said that millions of passwords are lost or forgotten everyday,- but you don't loose your business because of that.
Yahoo gives a new password in no time.Most of the WebSites have money involved and yet passwords are replacable.
Further on: i did not have to sign in everytime I opened my PC. Well no big deal, though is funny that just the waumau will bring up the password automatically.
At the present time after loging in on the leftside navigation bar MY Space does not bring me to my Space so I could make an update but puts me into the conversation postings.
Than at that time in the old format after the "Homepage" was coming My Journals, My friends etc.
Now I am going to try if All_And_More with the guessing password will do something for me.
Thank you anyway to put me on the Road of Recovery!
Blue Bird/Wamu smiley - smileysmiley - smiley

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