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Quille the cynic...TC

I'm a bit crazy, but since you haven't been ACEd as far as I can tell..I will say hello! ACE (Assistant Community Editiors if your were wondering help new hitchhiker's find their way around and offer some good starting tips to them. So, one tip I'd make to you is perhaps to click on the preferences button running along the side of your screen and choose a name for yourself. Of course you don't have to, but if you'd rather be a bit more personalized...
Anyhow-I'm sure you'll be ACEd soon with tons of links and the like, but until then have fun exploring H2G2 (you can click on my nickname and travel to my personal space, where there are linsk and other interesting things, and it's a good way to navigate through places in the future. Also, by clicking the who's online button you can navigate through those researcher's spaces by clicking on their names...) Did that make any sense?

Well if you have any questions feel free to ask anyone or post a journal entry as everyone on the loverly h2g2 is happy to help with what they can...

Quille the smiley - elf


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Quille the cynic...TC

or that is in your case don't use your journal...smiley - blush
smiley - elf


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Adler Ma

Hello, Quille,

What is the role of an Assitant Community Editor and how does one become an ACE?

To clear things up, I posted the "do not use journal" message to replace the unfavourable message that shows up in the journal by default stating that it is "a shame" that I did not write anything in the journal.

Also, could you please tell me what difference is there between International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement (AB) courses? Why do many schools in the United States offer AP but not IB?

- Adler Ma


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Adler Ma

You do not have to answer the question regarding ACEs. I found out what ACEs are and now I know of their duties, I deny having interest in being an ACE. I would rather opt to be a Scout or a Sub-Editor.


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Quille the cynic...TC

So sorry not to have been able to answer you earlier on the matter of ACEs.

That explains it all quite well then. The what a shame messages for journal and personal spaces really get a bit annoying every now and then.

The differences between IB and AP are much different than how school represent them actually. IB is based on a hexagonal learning system consisting of certain aspects. It nearly has a complete academic focus and has much more work than AP does. As listed from this site (which happens to be the IB site for my school so I do not know if the link will work) the differences between IB and AP are:

****Advanced Placement****
National Standard of Excellence

College level courses

Encourages academically talented students

Students generally take AP Exams in areas of strengths.

Students do not have to be enrolled in an authorized school.

Exams are graded externally through ETS and student marks assigned.

Exams based on specific content of courses. Exams involve multiple choice.

Oral exam in foreign language.

Policies are determined by national educators.

****International Baccalaureate****
International Standard of Excellence

Comprehensive curriculum of college-level work

Encourages academically talented and highly motivated students


Six exams in six subject areas are required for the IB diploma.

Students must prepare in all areas: strengths as well as weaknesses.

Students must be enrolled in an authorized IB school.

Scores include teacher assessments as well as external assessments constructed and graded by educators from throughout the world.


Exams based on broad general understanding of concepts and fundamental themes. Exam questions emphasize essay writing.

Oral assessments in Languages A & B and other disciplines.

Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, Creativity, Action and Service

Policies are determined by international educators.

Why more American schools do not offer IB...well it demands much more of the students, parents, and school systems in general. Especially the teachers as many forms must be constantly sent to HQ and strict regulations must be adhered to. IB also has a strict Honor Code:

Honesty and Integrity form the cornerstone of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Honor Code at Spruce Creek High School, and as such are central to the high standards by which all students should live. The IB Honor Code begins with the belief that every student has the right to pursue an education free from the ills caused by any form of intellectual dishonesty.

I understand that the IB course of study is difficult, and while group study is both accepted and encouraged, ethical conduct is expected at all times. Academic violations of the Honor Code consist of the following: Cheating includes the actual giving or receiving of any unauthorized aid or assistance on any form of an academic work. Plagiarism includes the copying of or representation of another's work as one's own.

Inherent in this Code is the responsibility of an individual to come forth and report any form of violation in the Honor Code. Violations of the Honor Code will be handled in accordance with written teacher policy and considered a disciplinary matter to be generally handled as follows:

1st offense: Parent Conference

2nd offense: Written reprimand

3rd offense: Recommendation for dismissal from the IB Program

rather like a college. Actually it is to stimulate the college environment and prepare you for it. And I'm sure there are many more changes. To check out more IB info please look at the link above (if it works) or if you care to know any more I will attempt to fill you in. smiley - biggrin

By the by I read your Guide entry and I happen to completely agree with you. I have spent many years arguing the same cases and have changed about 5 people from creationalists to evolutionists (ok crappy terminology). I also wrote a rather lengthy and by no way academically pleasing book about it called 'The Book of the NB'...

Anything else?

smiley - elf

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