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I feel lazy...

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to post again the link where Mark Weisbrot is talking about the issue, and to link his article about the press in Ecuador.

It´s a waste of time for me. I find that there´s a sense of superiority, anglosaxon superiority?, that feeds a willful ignorance about anything coming from South America.

Mark Weisbrot is a person who knows a lot about that area. I said that, but... what for? some have chosen to follow what right-wing media tells them: it´s a paranoia, there´s a conspiracy theory of the left...

I´m lazy, those people can´t get me to write anything , I´m even losing the capacity to get angry with those attitudes... but it´s probably because I know that my words go nowhere with them.

Many times I write thinking of others, because I know that there is always someone who can pick up something useful... that must be so because I´m teacher... and you know that many times what you say is heard but not listened to by all.

Anyway, I just wanted to get all this off of my chest. Thanks for listening, or hearing?smiley - winkeye

I feel lazy...

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

To quote Gone With the Wind, you ain't lazy, you is just tired. smiley - winkeye

My friend who is retiring to Ecuador has done his homework, he has visited four times now and spent considerable time and effort to ensure his family will be happy there. Considering Canada's current government and the state of self-revision in the media of most of the Western world, Ecuador has few instances of government intervention. The people are by all accounts aware of government problems and are generally healthy, happy and intelligent. Stand by for a general smear campaign from the west. smiley - sadface

I feel lazy...

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a general smear campaing...

this is one of the few articles I can find (even in Spain) that do not follow that smear campaing against Ecuador.

About what has been going on in that thread...

It´s funny to see the way people behave. It happens that I´ve read a lot on the issue these days and it´s disappointing to find here just the same arguments , even with the same words! I´ve read around.
It´s funny to see how sure, how self-righteous some feel when they follow sheepishly the ideas of those who consider themselves to be out of the flock. In this case a part of the left critisizing another part of the left.

But what I really love is that some traditional mysoginist hootoers call me mysoginist and rapist defendant...

That reminds me of an old film where a black man is to be lynched because he is accused, falsely, of rape. Those who make the accusations of rape were truly mysoginists... they only wanted to lynch the black man. Just as is happening with that Assange.

I don´t applaud Assange´s sexual behaviour, but sex was consensual. That´s clear. As it is clear all the irregularities around the issue since the very beginning....

I think I´ve been a good girl today, I´ve read and written a lot of English. Time now to go to the swimminpool and refresh myself for a while.

I feel lazy...

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Hopefully the truth will out, eventually. Have a good swim and relax.

smiley - smiley

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