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Scheduling and budgeting.

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Radio and TV have become background sounds while I actually DO things, returning to the media area when something sounds interesting. I am reliving the days when I would drive to a location for hours, switching from transmitter to transmitter listening to CBC One. Now it has become the information and music soundtrack to my internet, my cooking, cleaning and waiting for an offer to buy my apartment. I think I preferred scenery but it is still enjoyable.

I schedule my time loosely but I budget my finances very closely now, down to the now obsolete penny. I plan for my working retirement, using the Multiple Listing Service online map to slide a frame up and down the East coast of Vancouver Island, looking at prospective properties that are near the ocean, have a good sized workshop and walking distance to a village or community (hopefully with a cafe and/or pub). So far the exotic favourites include Union Bay, Parksville and Ladysmith (they all have interesting stories as to how they got their names).

It's actually quite a bit of fun, give it a try- (avoid the Dreaded Mobile Home!)

(Zoom in with the mouse wheel or click on the icon and move the frame around with a 'grab')

Other than that I try to get in some exercise every single day and have some time with some healthy cooking (now and then I have a spoiler meal). I'm trying some new health drinks in the morning (and some different beers in the evening).

This seems to be working out! smiley - smiley

smiley - cheers

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Scheduling and budgeting.

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