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Hey, Husassan. Its me again.

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Captain T A Nuge, leader of the Clique (A3542186) Join today! -Back from the dead-

Hey, Husassan, or whatever it is you're known as these days. Its hard to keep up. I know I sent you that obviously copy-and-pasted message some time back, but I'm nothing if not persistant. Would you be interested in joining up to the Clique again? Remember, its that thing I do, the sort of role-playing game, with no particular purpose, drive or point? When it started out, we had a large number of regular members, but it ended up dwindling. I know that, with the way life goes, things such as these do not take priority, and that you may decide to decline and to carry on as you are. But, if you are interested, the Clique's still there, and chugging along okay. It could be so much better with a few more members, so I need your help, and the help of those who were in the Clique before it... dissolved the first time. Are you interested?

Hey, Husassan. Its me again.

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Apollyon - Grammar Fascist

Hmm...maybe. I've been meaning to get back into h2g2 lately, but stuff keeps coming up.

Hey, Husassan. Its me again.

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Captain T A Nuge, leader of the Clique (A3542186) Join today! -Back from the dead-

I know how it is. I'm the same. I had a big ol' hiatus from it a while back, but I returned, and realised how stagnated some things were, so I'm trying to rebuild the Clique.

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