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Hi Apollyon... Magician's Guild: sidequest?

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*Thorn is still laughing at himself*
smiley - evilgrin/smiley - laugh: Ha ha-hahhaha. Ha. Hah.
(sort of).
smiley - skullsmiley - groansmiley - skull
smiley - erm, ... smiley - doh

Hi Apollyon... Magician's Guild: sidequest?

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Apollyon - Grammar Fascist


Look, you're a nice person, and you mean well, it just takes a while to get into the swing of things.

Also, you tend to post several times in a row rather than all at once, which extends the backlog. Some of your postings can also be a bit hard to follow. Still, I can see you are working on his and you're getting better at it.smiley - ok

Hi Apollyon... Magician's Guild: sidequest?

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smiley - erm,
Thanks (I think).

smiley - sorry about that.

Now here's hoping I just manage to stay *"barely even a blip under the radar"* so that people can sort of forget that my character is mine ...or quite who they think I am. Then people won't necessarily explode or be on the defensive so much of when I try things.
smiley - footinmouth Sheesh.
smiley - skull }Ulp!{ smiley - skull

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Hi Apollyon... Magician's Guild: sidequest?

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