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Welcome to H2G2...

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Hi there, welcome to H2G2smiley - smiley... Looks like you've already found your way around and are quickly figuring out how things work but if you need a hand just click replysmiley - ok...

I'm one of a group of researchers known as Aces (Asst. Community Editors)smiley - bigeyes - which sounds posh, but in fact is just a title for a group of H2G2 addicts who've volunteered to meet and greet new researchers.

Here's a few useful links in case you haven't yet found them...

If you want to find out how to spice up your personal space try this page...

A great place for discussions on every subject from Politics to General Trivia is...
A148907 - Ask H2G2

And if you're more interested in reading, writing or just reviewing what everone's writing for the edited guide give PeerReview a try.

Most importantly, have fun and Don't Panic

smiley - cheers

PS, Thanks for the plug for my entry on whisky smiley - winkeye

PPS, Oh, nearly forgot, if you want to find out how to do all these smileys smiley - sheepsmiley - sharksmiley - magicsmiley - sillysmiley - drunksmiley - steam just click on any one of them.

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Welcome to H2G2...

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