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Yo Mook!!

For some mysterious reason I haven't noticed your message, I just saw it now, sorry!

Was I just stealing what...?

smiley - winkeye

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Oh dear, think I was very bored, there! This doesn't really merit an explanation, Prometeus, and will make me sound like Ally Mcbeal (always badsmiley - groan). But ah well- here goes.

I was trying to be all ironic- your name is nearly PROMETHEUS (who, as you probably know with all your latinate thingummy, stole fire from the gods), except it's missing a I (hilariouslysmiley - erm)dropped an 'i' from fire, hence:


Told you.
Not worth the effort.
Anyway, I'm not actually mental. Just an unrecognised genius.

Perhaps I can redeem myself. Do you like Neil Young?

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LOL, do the Police know you're around??
You're lovely, indeed. I'd have taken centuries to understand such a thing, also because I'm not English mothertongue...(well, even if I were, I'm not actually so sure the few neurons left had been able).
Anyway yes, I like Neil Young and all the rock crew.

smiley - smiley

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Hi Prometeus,

Havent logged on to this for weeks, and hey, you've just replied! smiley - smiley

R U Italian then?.....
Feel even worse at my nonsense joke, now smiley - blush!
Must have been impossible to translate.....

How many languages you speak?
I'm OK at French.

Tell me some more about your good self then.

PS I've tried Neil Young....Did you ever like Pearl Jam then?

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Hey, Ciao! smiley - smiley

Yes, I'm Italian from Milan (I know, not the best way to be Italian among all the possibilities but gods are often capricious and they surely got upset for my fre stealing).
I just can speak some English and some German but don't worry about language and feel totally FRE to write your style, it's cool and I like it. One would have also to add that concepts and ideas are more important than the language you use but AAAGGGHHH!!! what a terrible emptiness in my mind!!!
I'm not always dropping here in H2G2 (sounds like a chemical formula, LOL) so regurarly, so sorry if it always takes a lot to answer...
I loove Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden, and Nirvana, Alice in chains, and Mother love bone, and all the grunge scene of Seattle of the ninenties but I like all music in general. I sometimes play a Stratocaster with friends, but only for fun and to keep away from puters and internet, taking most of my time for work...

Prometeus ( smiley - thief )

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Well, ciao!......
Glad I havent scared you TOO much (!)

Me chiama Sarah. E lei? Oops, no- you've told me that onesmiley - winkeye. Dani.

So, Milan eh? The gods have (perhaps) not been kind to yourself- nor to me!- I am English but come from Liverpool in the UK.......probably should be twinned with Naples or something smiley - sadface.

You may, in fact, be slightly more posh than Ismiley - smiley!

So, tell me more about yourself.

Glad you like the Seattle scene. Me too. Have been nursing a dream since adolescence to go and live in Seattle for a while. Still think I'll do it- I'm impulsive like that. Just need a car now though!

So, travelled much? Impressed with the Inglessa (though that's sort of Spanish, sorry). As I say, I'm bilingual only in French. Cos I went and lived there for two years recently.....figures.

I'm into Bob Dylan, Neil Young & Eddie Vedder, along with a million other things. Am about to try and live as an artist, though I'm not sure what that involves! (fate or alcohol will have to decide for me!)

Well, I think that's about enough of me for now,
Write whenever you're next about on the chemistry formulaic page (LOL) h2g2
Ciao, Sarah

PS- what exactly does the message on your personal space mean?

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smiley - smiley
Ciao Sarah, Bon Jour! Tres bien?

All is bien here. Always happy to find your messages here in the chemical site, where I would like to be able to write and read more.
As I didn't write too much in my space, I suppose you were asking about the "Nemo mihi alienum..." message (also because there is nothing except those two or three statements, LOL). Well, that Latin stuff reemerged after having been forgotten: I hated it when I had to study at school but I discovered it again later. It is "I am a man, I'm human, and nothing that is human is foreign to me". I was randomly thinking one day, and started being surprised that it could have been written about two thousand years ago. Actually, It has got no time at all, I think. Really topical, and really beautiful too!

I've been to England in different occasions, but the one I liked the best was in an "interrail journey" with some friends of mine, covering the British islands and getting around without a real rational plan. I haven't been to Liverpool, but that was only for chance because we went almost everywhere because you know, the only real abundant resource you have in an interrail is the free use of trains. Cold stopped us in Scotland and then we moved to Ireland and Normandy, where our wandering ended with the corresponding lack of money...

"Nursing dreams", hehe, yeah, but no doubt Seattle was worth even more than nursing and maybe needed some more feeding...imagine what sort of place it had to be during the grunge period, all its underground life! Seattle must be a real interesting place, or it surely has been during the last years. I like the fact that it looks far from all places and, at the same time, so alive in being part of the most important recent debates. Dunna what it's like at the present moment, we should have to open one of those h2g2 chemical treads and see if there's some "reaction"...

smiley - winkeye Prometeus

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Hi, Pro,
Do you know, some guy called Terence said in, like 200BC, "there's nothing that hasn't already been said before". Incredible, eh? smiley - winkeye

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Terence was a bit funny at times, but a little bit childish.
He often had that boring complex of being a genius so he used to go on trying and trying to be original at all costs but being only a pain in the ass, in most of the occasions.
So damn concentrated on himself, with this absolute frenzy of being original, when it is far too difficult to be simply normal in this world of hyper-vitamin personalities.
Poor Terence, everything had already been told, what a nuisance: but what he didn't grasp was the fact the meaning is always different.
Incredible, the "Star spangled banner" had been played thousands and thousands of times by everybody, but what an emotion when Jimi Hendrix played it, even slower and easier than the way one could ever play it...

smiley - winkeye

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Oops. I think I'M the one playing with fire smiley - winkeye!!!

You clearly know your Kantsmiley - artist from your cobblers- should have known from your home page! The only think I know is that I don't really know anything smiley - winkeye(hmmmm how terribly originalsmiley - doh, she says sarcastically!)

Having said that, I am now going to use the whole message casting allusions toward my own knowledge and reference points! So I apologise in advance. I'm just curious to know more about u though- v elusive!

Tried to bluff knowledge of about a million decades of philosophers, by skimping on reading ONE softback book- Sophies World. Your comment about Terence reminded me of a story in it- some chap who said you can jump over the same stream, but you're not making the same action because everything else has changed? Parmenides?? I don't know- suspect I am out of depthsmiley - bluefish.

Ever read Frederic Beigbeder? Don't know much about him- a friend put me onto one of his books. Some cynical, pretentious thing - 99 Francs. I did read it in French, so I hope I got the gist of it allsmiley - erm. Interesting, but I certainly wouldn't buy the guy a smiley - ale if I saw him in a bar, anyway!.....

Don't know what made me think of that!...

Actually yes I do- some annoying people in a bar last night, who were LOUDLY discussing the irrelevance of advertising and how the news wasn't real & other such stuffsmiley - groan , which you really shouldn't discuss when people are trying to have a nice drink! smiley - blush

Reading Sartre's Road to Freedom.
And Bill Hicks biography.

Always nice to see your messages. Find them interesting.

Catch u again soon smiley - cheers, Sarah

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Ehm...I am a little bit embarrassed for this new role of GURU Of Knowledge you set on me.
If I have to be sincere, I am not so fond of philosophers even if I often tend to be definitely more theoretical than practical, but it's only because I don't like losing time in details (thaat's LAZINESS !!!).
Anyway, I don't like knowledge for itself and that's why I used to get bored reading about philosophy. Maybe I was only interested in some intuitions, or some ideas, or possible attitudes to things. smiley - oj
I am more interested in people, communication and finding solutions and I actually see in computer science (which is also my area of work) the possibility of giving concreteness and shape to my ideas (IDEAS?? Haha!).
It also gives me the possibility of being creative, put some efforts in understanding things and people and maybe add my personal point of view.
From my new role of GURU, I can tell you I don't know Frederic Beigbeder, Sarte's Road to Freedom and Bill Hicks. What a Guru, you may wonder!! Maybe this will let you down, but what can I do? Do I have to run into a library and search for them?

A kiss,

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In short, no!
LOL smiley - winkeye x

can't think of one...

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Ciao Sarah,

where is Wassa Mook? What happened? And, above all, who is this new carachter Ivich? It sounds an eastern name...a little bit less Brit than the other one.
smiley - smiley
I liked your mood and all your funny faces smiley - hug, smiley - laugh, and colours, it's so sad now! Or are you secretly planning some new joke?

There's a warm sun today here, after three days of cold and rain and we're trying to store all the possible Summer remainders, before Autumn comes on stage.
There's an honest Iggy Pop singing "Corruption" at the moment, here, in this honest thursday morning, on my low-volume PC-radio, and the usual urban mess of my desktop is preventing me to find some documents...

Slow Milan is drinking fast these thursday hours in its genetic-permanent effort of running after the end of the week, real heros !!!!


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Ciao Dani!
Your notes always make me smiley - smiley

Er, my site is 'under construction' smiley - blushwe might say - (bit like me, at the moment)

Just had a birthday- was v smiley - drunksmiley - flyhi but have big smiley - hangover now-this birthday made me reevaluate stuff and feel smiley - blue for some reason. Wierd. Guess it happens to a lot of people.

Anyway- every cloud has a silver lining. I've got some free tickets smiley - winkeye for some theatre plays I'm reviewing... and might b getting an audition for telly!......mad. Sounds all glamorous, but I dont have a 9-5 job at the moment. The strange rollercoaster life of a wannabee smiley - artist, dahling.....(!)

Oh well- sure I'll bounce backsmiley - wowsoon. My homepage best wait til then, though!

Do U live in Milan, then? How come your English is so good? Its wild, schizophrenic weather here- sunshine then big bursts of black cloud & rain. I'm changing my clothes (and mood!) 3 times a day to keep up! But that's England for you smiley - winkeye

Happy Friday!!!!smiley - kiss

Oh yeah- Ivich is out of a novel I've just read. Sounds a bit smiley - vampirethough, doesnt it?!!!! May well be REvamped smiley - laugh(terrible humour, there- sorry!)

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Ciao Sarah,

I've spent this weekend off of Milan, trying to steal some sun outdoor before it gets too cold here!

smiley - bigeyes
LOL, my English is not so good, really. Apart from all the mistakes I do, evidence of it is the great difficulties I have in communicating what there is REALLY in my mind. Ok, you could say there is nothing, I know, hehe...but, believe me, it is not easy when you spend 24 hours thinking/dreaming in Italian and then you'd like to find the right expressions in English.

Ok, if you just want to say goodmorning and howareyou, it's all right. But when you want to use some colours and "use" a language the way you are used with your mothertongue, you then realize it's a real mess and your knowledge is not so deep at all !!
Bien, I've been going on now, so may every English speaking people forgive me, LOL !!! smiley - smiley

Hehe, did you succeed in getting over smiley - cdouble after your birthday party?

So can you really act in Theatre or TV plays? What sort of things do you like?
Actually, one of my best friends is working as a movie director, since he decided to drop a probable career of architect. It's a really fun thing even if it's not so easy to find your own way. He's making a lot of TV Ad Spots and videos or promos for MTV, with singers and rock bands. Not a dream, for someone who would like to make real Cinema movies, but he's getting a good living out of it. I know it's not so easy and I wouldn't like to be trivial or too much cheap, but the most important thing is you get fun out of the thing you do, if you just have a possibility. So, follow your own path ...and be yourself 100%, ok?!!


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